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Cell Based Assay Development

The effects of new drugs on different cell types are usually studied using continuous cell lines. Cell based assays are critical for the drug discovery of new chemical entities. Once the target is validated, new chemical entities can be screened for activity using cell based assays. Activity against the target of interest of the compound to the specific target can be measured in cells.

The assays that we developed include cell reporter assays, cytotoxic assays such as apoptosis and cell proliferation, and metabolic assays. By engineering cells to produce suitable marker for a particular pathway, we are developing cell based assays suitable for determining the selectivity of identified hit compounds and understanding the mechanisms of action. Examples of these assays are receptor binding, receptor activation, cell signaling and sub-cellular localization.

Different readout and detection format of assays such as luminescence, fluorescence and imaging are available. Assays are optimised and miniaturized for high throughput screening. Assays are also developed to screen and select for specific and potent derivatives of hit compounds in a panel of cell lines and normal cells.


Compound screening, confirmation of hit compounds in cell lines and to support lead optimization for drug discovery.

  • Bravo robotic liquid handler
  • Safire II microplate reader with stacker
  • Infinite M200Pro microplate reader with injector
  • FACSArray 96-well plate flow cytometer
  • xCelligence real-time cell analyzer
  • NanoPro 1000