ETC 20

Continuous cell lines represent a readily and well characterised resource / model systems for basic research and drug discovery. The United States has a panel of 60 human cancer cell lines (NCI-60) representing 9 distinct tumour types used in the in vitro screening of the Developmental Therapeutics Program anti-cancer drug discovery project, while Japan has the JFCR39 – a panel of 39 human cancer cell lines for the same purpose.

Similar undertakings exist in other countries in an effort to understand the pharmacological behaviors of drugs in specific ethnic groups or region. The project research aims to establish cell lines from cancer types prevalent in Singapore and the surrounding countries and from the Singapore population.


A well characterized panel of cancer cell lines derived from the Singapore population will facilitate the anti-cancer drug discovery process for this region. It is also a powerful tool to predict modes of action of new compounds.

  • xCelligence real-time cell analyzer
  • Incucyte real-time cell imager
  • Olympus microscope CKX41 with fluorescence capability
  • CBS Isothermal –190°C Dry Storage Freezer