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Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry at ETC has the task to optimize lead compounds from high throughput screening into development compound. The overall objective is to discover patentable compounds with excellent activity against a defined biological target and favorable pharmacokinetic properties. This process usually takes between 12 and 18 months and proceeds in iterative cycles from the lead molecule to a compound that is free of unwanted side effects and shows activity in a disease animal model.

In order to achieve our goal of one development compound per year, the ETC medicinal chemistry team (19 scientists) works in close collaboration with the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences and outsourcing partners in India

Through these collaborations ETC can utilize up to 40 chemists for its lead optimization projects, which allows us to have up to three parallel projects in lead optimization. A close interaction with the protein biochemistry and the structural biology group allows us to study the interaction of our molecules with the designated target. In many instances our emphasis on the biophysical characterization of chemical matter allows us to shorten timelines and improve the quality of our development compounds.

The chemistry lab at ETC is equipped with state of the art synthetic and analytical equipment including preparative and analytical HPLC, 400 MHz NMR, microwave reactor, H-cube hydrogenation reactor, ISCO Flash Chromatography Systems, etc.