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Singapore Screening Centre

The Singapore Screening Centre (SSC) uses state of the art plate and liquid handling robotics and spectrophotometric detection equipment to carry out High Throughput Screening (HTS) campaigns for ETC collaborative drug discovery projects.

Our whole workflow is managed using industry-standard IT solutions for sample tracking (Nexus), screen/data management software (IDBS ActivityBase) and visualization tools (Spotfire).The SSC houses the constantly growing compound collection of ETC of more than 300,000 entities in a fully automated Nexus Universal Store.

Compound processing for HTS is carried out using two Agilent Biocel robotic sample processing platforms with Direct-Drive Robots (DDR) for plate handling and microliter (VPrep) and nanoliter (Echo Acoustic dispenser) liquid handling capability. HTS employs a range of spectrophotometric techniques, including luminescence, absorbance, prompt fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, polarized fluorescence. We use the latest InCell2000 High Content Screening (HCS) equipment along with Tecan Safire/M1000 plate reader workstations and a Viewlux imaging plate reader for our HTS campaigns.

Some of the applications currently running include whole animal HCS for novel antibiotics and cellular screens (HCS, functional readout) for novel cancer therapeutics. In addition, the SSC is engaged in a number of collaborations with local research institutes and industry to develop novel technologies (e.g. label-free, DropArray) for drug discovery using HTS.

The Screening Centre is able to provide a small amount of a reference drug library to Singapore researchers who want to validate their bioassays. Please contact us for more information.