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Thank you for making our trip to FusionWorld an exciting and interesting visit. It has left a strong impression on our students.

- Mr Chris Han, Senior Vice President, Starlight MMC (12 Feb 2017)




It has been an enriching experience for my students, and I am grateful for this opportunity where they can learn about the organisation and its mission. 

- Mr Yap Wai Meng, Principal, Holy Innocents' High School (21 Jan 2016)

Thank you very much for hosting this event for our students and staff.
It was an eye opening for both the local and foreign students.

The students were so impressed with the showcase, the building and environment that they asked me if they can do their internship at A*STAR next year.

- Mr Chua Chiang Heng, Senior Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic, School of Engineering (13 July 2016)

Thanks a lot for the amazing guided visit, for the information and for all your attentions. It was a very enriching visit for us.

- Ms Sara Delgado, Vice President, Network of Qualified Mexicans (10 October 2016)

I remained awed by the inventions exhibited. This explains my enthusiasm in wanting to share my experiences of FusionWorld with my colleagues, 

- Ms Peggy Lim, Deputy Director, SkillsFuture Singapore (11 November 2016)


I want to thank you and your colleagues for the visit today. The group was very impressed. We appreciate your time.

- Assistant Professor William (Bill) MacKinnon, Clarkson University (13 May 2015)

Thanks again for hosting our visit to FusionWorld. I still enjoy every bit of my repeat visit. Our management team is truly impressed with the work that A*STAR is doing and we look forward to collaborating with A*Star when the opportunity arises.

- Ms Theresa Low, General Counsel, Sentosa Development Corporation (4 June 2015)

Extremely inspiring… These technologies really can make a difference to peoples’ lives.

- Ms Choo Huei Miin, Director, Visitor Information and Experience, Singapore Tourism Board (23 July 2015)

FusionWorld demonstrates perfect fusions of science, technology, and innovative concepts for real world applications.

- Dr Shell Huang, Senior Director, The Coca-Cola Company (27 July 2015)

Our guests enjoyed the FusionWorld Tour as many of them enjoyed learning about the latest technologies. We would like to thank you for your kind hospitality and look forward to future collaborations.

- Ms Angeline Tan, Director, UBS AG (31 July 2015)

The visit to FusionWorld was very enlightening, giving us a peek into the innovation and creation taking place locally. I think my students and the visitors agreed on the importance of networking and collaborating in generating products that would make a difference to living.

- Mr Jason Tan, Senior Teacher, Raffles Institution (5 August 2015)

Thank you for arranging the FusionWorld tour for our students. They really enjoyed the visit. 

- Mr Kumbar, Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic School of Engineering (13 August 2015)



I am deeply impressed by your creativity. 

- Professor Klaus Müllen, Director of Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany (11 Feb 2014)  

Interesting ideas and prototypes. 

- Dato Dr Rosli Mohamed, Secretary General of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (24 April 2014)  

Very interesting exhibits and thanks for the hospitality. Keep up the good work for the mankind. 

- Prof. Dato Dr Mohd Jamil Maad, Under-Secretary of the National Biotechnology Division, Malaysia (24 April 2014) 

The world will be a better place because of these transformative innovations. 

- Dr Steven Schachter, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School (29 May 2014)  

A*STAR is one of the most amazing and successful applied research centers I’ve ever been to. Congratulations A*STAR, & Thank You! 

- Mr Eris Erkel, Koç University  (25 Sept 2014) 


A fascination insight into the future, Brilliant!  

- David Kelly, IMarEST (11 Jan 2013)  

Very interesting technology applications. 

- Randy Southmayd, Manager Boeing (16 Apr 2013)  

An excellent tour of how science will transform our daily lives in the future. Very inspirational. 

- Dr Max Kennedy (Ministry of Science & Innovation, New Zealand)  

A step into the future. Very good technology integration. Very impressed.  

-Prof Pascal Bovet (State Councillor, Switzerland) (9 May 2013)  

Congratulations to A*STAR. You are the future and example to the world! 

- Joaquin Guerra Achem, Vicerrector de Internacionalizacion, Tec de Monterrey, Mexico. (2 Oct 2014)  

It is a great pleasure to visit one of the finest institutions to serve for the best of humankind. 

- The Office of His Highness Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces  (12 Nov 2013)  

Thank you, A*STAR for showing us the innovative technologies. 

- H.E Suh Chung Ha, Ambassador, Embassy of Republic of Korea  (3 Dec 2013)  


Truly Innovative and inspiring. 

- Erwienna Abu Bakar, Prime Minister’s Office (JKPE) (13 March 2012)  

Very interesting & vivid exposition of cutting edge technologies. A delight also for young people to inspire one to take R&D as a career. 

- Dr Arabinda Mitra (Adviser and Head for International Cooperation), India DST (3 Apr 2012)  

An impressive display of emerging technology and its applications.  

- Delegation from Singapore Airlines (13 April 2012) 

Impressive demonstrations of technology applications in the real world! 

- Guy Delise (Senior Vice-President), Celestica Inc (25 June 2012)  

I am always impressed by the combination of talents, imagination and technological advancement that Singapore always offer. 

- Raymond Benjamin (International Civil Aviation Organization, France) (4 July 2014)

Thank you very much for showing the nice future image. We always enjoy working with A*STAR. 

- Mr Yukio Fukushima (CTO), Hitachi Plant Technologies Asia Ltd (5 July 2012) 

 Congratulations, you are thinking in the future! We hope to work together with Singapore. 

- Mr Rene Ramirez, Ecuador’s National Secretary of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SENESCYT) (30 July 2012)  


Wonderful touch and amazing connection! 

- Professor Chao Sung Lai, Chang Gung University (18 January 2011)  
Beautifully designed showcase of imminently viable technologies. 

- Dr Sara Diamond (President), Ontario College of Art & Design (14 February 2011)  
A brilliant and insightful experience. 

- The Hon. Glen Murray (Minister of Research & Innovation), Ontario Ministry of Research & Innovation (14 February 2011)  
A fascinating and fun showcase of Singapore’s advanced technology and innovation. 

- Martin Donnelly (Permanent Secretary), Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (United Kingdom) (14 February 2011)  
Very inspiring and eye-opening. 

- Professor Sirirurg Songsivilai, NANOTEC (11 March 2011)  
Very impressive relating experiments to real life situations. 

- Al Salour, Boeing (22 March 2011)  
A*STAR makes science exciting! 

- Jacyl Shaw, Melbourne University (21 April 2011)  
A*STAR is making the world a better place. 

- Professor Antti Hautamaki (Director), University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) (27 April 2011) 

A wonderful display showcasing technologies that are feasible and promising. Congratulations for the accomplishments! 

- Francisco Garcia Moran, European Commission (29 April 2011)  
Very impressive. Feels like I have entered the future scene. 

- Dr Tang Fan, Power Instruments Pte Ltd (10 May 2011)  
Wonderful insight into the world of our children. 

- Dr Mike Dennis, ANU Syposium (20 May 2011)  
Thank you for the great demonstrations! 

- Kiyoshi Tanaka, NTT Labs (8 June 2011)  
Great technology! 

- Phoi Kwok Eng, Singapore Sports Council (15 June 2011)  
Thank you for the amazing and fascinating show of A*STAR technologies. It certainly puts Singapore on the world map! 

- Mr Ying Shaowei, McKinsey & Company (22 June 2011)  
Excellent work and designs. 

- Tracy T Lim, ALIFE 22 June 2011  
Thank you very much for this outstanding presentation. Without any doubt, this is a great introduction to the “real” science fiction! 

- Dr Jose Octavio Tripp, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mexico) (1 July 2011)  
It is amazing what you have here in FusionWorld. 

- Delegates from Mexico (1 July 2011)  
An amazing and fascinating world of imagination coming to life! 

- Doy Teo (Director), Triumph International (S) Pte Ltd (7 July 2011)  
A*STAR is bringing new possibilities alive. 

- Dell Inc. (14 July 2011)  
Very impressive exhibitions. 

- Mr Steffen Schacher, Siemens (15 August 2011)  

Fascinating demonstration of technologies that impacts both entertainment as well as serious applications. 

- Dr Ravi Manjeshwar, GE Global Research Centre (23 August 2011)   
What a journey! Truly proud of A*STAR for leading the technological development in Singapore! 

- Mr Teo Ser Luck (Minister of State), Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) (24 August 2011)  
After what I have seen the past few days, especially in FusionWorld, I understand much better the reason behind the success of Singapore. 

- Turgut Bozkurt (Managing Director), Turkish Education Foundation (6 September 2011)  
You led me into the next century of the scientific world! 

- Monisa S.M. Wan, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) (20 September 2011)  
Amazing demonstrations of technology. 

- Delegation from Hong Kong (30 September 2011)   


Fabulous fusion of technology and creativity!  

- Dr Eric Chang (Director), Microsoft Research Asia (19 January 2010) 

One of the most impressive showcases I’ve visited around the world. Congratulations to I2R! 

- Roger Torrenti (CEO), Sigma Orionis (20 January 2010)  

Thank you for the wonderful glimpse of the future that Singapore is bringing to the world. 

- Gerry Hancock, Everett, Gaskins, Hancock & Stevens (22 January 2010)  
A glimpse into the future or what may be the present! 

- Professor Yeol Donchin, Hadassah University (4 February 2010)  
A most impressive demonstration of the world to come. 

- Mr Murray Bain (CEO) , Foundation of Research Science and Technology (11 February 2010)  
Impressive! I thought I was experiencing the next century. 

- Professor Vahid Taghikhani, Sharif University of Technology (23 February 2010)  
Excellent for developing human capital. 

- Professor Ikujiro Nonaka, Fujitsu Ltd (1 March 2010)  
Amazing R&D results! 

- Masakazu Yamazaki (Vice President), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (3 March 2010)  
Very amazing place and amazing results! 

- Janne Vehkapera, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (4 March 2010)  
It is a wonderland which I experienced. Thank you so much. 

- Takashi Yamagishi (CTO), Teijin Ltd (5 March 2010)  
A great demonstration of how technology can affect everyday life! 

- Seagate Technology (10 March 2010)  
A fantastic prospect for a better future. 

- Delegation from RUSNANO Corporation (11 March 2010)  
Great technology experience! 

- Flextronics (15 March 2010) 

Thanks for a wonderful visit to the world of tomorrow. 

- Professor Tong Chee Kiong, University Brunei Darussalam (UBD) (18 March 2010)  

Another impressive example of Singapore’s ability to generate ideas. 

- Mr Peter Soderberg (CEO), Hillrom (22 March 2010)  
It was a lovely tour as we saw how our life would be like with scientific progress. 

- Saleh M. Alnafeesi (Deputy General Director), Public Authority for Housing Welfare (23 March 2010)  
Truly impressive facilities showing ways to open the mind. 

- Dr Adel Al-Wugayan (Secretary-General), Supreme Council for Planning (23 March 2010)  
Excellent! This facility has endless possibilities. It is an inspiration to all countries giving them something to aspire for! 

- Gabriel Martin L. Angeles (President & CEO), Angeles University Foundation Medical Center (23 March 2010)  
The facility is a wonderful demonstration of Singapore’s advancements. 

- Senior Government Delegation from Alberta, Canada (30 March 2010)  
We hope we can have a showcase like this in our home country. Wishing you all the best. 

- Delegation from Abu Dhabi (31 March 2010)  
This is a great achievement that A*STAR has done. 

- SEALING (6 April 2010)  
Very attractive for helping the innovative vision. 

- Bambang Heru Tjahjono, The Agency For the Assessment & Application of Technology (BPPT) (6 April 2010)  
Thank you for the wonderful experience. It is amazing to see what the greatness of technology could bring to our lives! 

- Sime Darby Property  (13 April 2010)  
Great tour of the technologies. What else could an engineer look for! 

- Dr Matti Kutila, VTT Finland (27 April 2010) 

What a fantastic exhibit! Many thanks. 

- Professor David Leebron (President), Rice University (28 April 2010)  

Thank you very much for this great vision of what will be or could be our future. 

-M. Philippe Mouttou, Thales  (7 June 2010)  
Very well done! Good display and exhibition. 

- Mr Andy Goh, Rohde & Schwarz (22 June 2010)  
Our future is bright! 

- Nikko Japan Management (2 July 2010)  
I had great fun. Coming from Norway, I have never seen anything like this. 

- Linn Elise Gjems-On Stad, GameOn Alliance (6 July 2010)  
Fascinating innovations and technologies. Hope to see these one day in Canada. 

- Sandra Ketchen (Vice President), Celestica (8 July 2010)  
Splendid display, FusionWorld!  

- Masahiko Yamada, Fujitsu Ltd (26 July 2010)  

Wonderful journey into the future! 

-Tay Peck See, Belinda, Economic Development Board (Tokyo) (5 August 2010)  
Fantastic ideas and concepts. An interesting vision of the future with many applications to medical technology. 

- Christopher Japp (President), Hoya Corporation (24 August 2010)   
Wonderful place. I cannot express my feelings when seeing the work done here. So amazing for the future. 

- Mariam Rashid Alabd, TSI & Delegation from United Arab Emirates (22 September 2010)  
Amazing inspiration. Looking forward to see the peak of the mountain. Technology for a better world is an innovation that the world appreciates. 

- Huda Al-Khezaimi, Technical Solutions International (TSI) & Delegation from United Arab Emirates (22 September 2010) 

Very impressive! 

- Chew Siong Hee (Vice President), SIA Engineering Company (28 September 2010) 

Creative, innovative and inspiring! 

- Dr Philip J Sallis (Pro Vice Chancellor), Auckland University of Technology (29 September 2010)    
Thank you. A*STAR has a fantastic array of exciting technologies. 

- University of Ottawa 25 October 2010  
Exciting to see dramatic advancement just over a year. 

- Professor Chihiro Watana, Tokyo Institute of Technology (25 October 2010)  


The practical use is very interesting. 

- Dr Hiroyuki Yano (Director), National Institute of Information and Communication (NICT) (2 March 2009)   
A fascinating and wonderful learning experience! 

- Mah Bow Tan (Minister), Ministry of National Development (MND) (10 March 2009)  
An enriching, entertaining and highly educational experience! Excellent presentation and very inspiring. Thank you! 

- Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman (Parliament Secretary), Ministry of National Development (MND) (10 March 2009)  
What wonders we have seen! 

- Professor Alison Richard (Vice-Chancellor), University of Cambridge (20 March 2009)  
Fun and interactive. Excellent applications for the future. 

- Professor Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Kyoto University (26 March 2009)  
Stimulating, inspirational, futuristic and exciting. 

-Professor Christian Stohler, Maryland University (15 April 2009)  

Pleasantly impressed! 

- Professor Sumi Helal, University of Florida (21 April 2009)  
It is a good way to learn about our future. 

- Sutthathip Vathitphund, Thai Embassy (22 April 2009)  
Very impressive technologies indeed! Thank you for the opportunity to view them. 

- Carol M. Yorobe, Department of Science &Technology (Philippines) (11 May 2009)  
Good to see many innovations ready for future commercial, education, home and medical spaces! 

- Winston Chan, The Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT) (5 June 2009)  
The technologies presented in FusionWorld are simply amazing and fabulous. We are honoured to be given a chance to visit such an interesting place. 

- Budi Pulunggono, Duta Teknik Informatika (Indonesia) (10 June 2009)  
A wonderful and stimulating tour. 

- Dr Hugh Brady (President), University College Dublin (23 June 2009)  
The technologies that I have seen today are amazing. As Robert Kennedy once said, “Some people look at the world as is, and ask why? Others look at the world as it should be, and ask why not?” You have asked and begun to answer the latter question. 

- Professor Masud Mansuripur, University of Arizona Tucson (26 June 2009)  
Possibilities made real. A delight to see the future today.

- Carolin Tan (Principal), Gan Eng Seng School (12 August 2009)  
Thanks for a glimpse into our future. Thoroughly enjoyed our time here. 

- Joe Sciabica (Executive Director), The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) (19 August 2009)  
Inspiring. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see these inventions in such a unique setting. 

- Steve Long, University of Illinois (28 August 2009)  

For the library of the future, where architects and university planners should stop first!  

- Isabelle Eula (Chairman), Carnegie-Mellon University-Qatar Library (28 August 2009)  
Wonderful! I felt like a child in a world full of wonder. 

- Rob Saint, University of Melbourne (9 October 2009)  
Many interesting demonstrations. Congratulations! 

-Steve Campbell (CTO), Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (15 October 2009)  
Our visit to FusionWorld has been a very insightful and inspiring experience. It gave us a look at how innovation can change our lives. 

- The Netherlands Innovation Platform (23 October 2009)  
Incredibly inspiring! 

- Jessica Wright, British High Commission (22 October 2009)  
Fantastic progress that shows high energy embedded in your innovations. Singaporeans should be proud. 

- Nicholas Koh, (Managing Director), SevenSeas Victory Knights Corporation, LLC (10 November 2009)  
Thank you for this vision of our future. 

- Mr Guibert (Director), MINATEC(France) (19 November 2009)  
FusionWorld is on the road to the future! 

- DGA (France) (24 November 2009)  
It was a pleasure to visit and see all the new innovations. Very impressive. 

- Professor Pekka Neittaanmaki, University of Jyväskylä (26 November 2009)  
This must be the 8th wonder of the world! Amazing! 

- Carol Tng, Red Swastika School (28 December 2009)  


Brilliant display of innovative ideas. 

- Haji Zainal Abidin bin Haji Md Ali, AiTi (Brunei Darussalam) (17 November 2008)

I enjoyed my glimpse into the future! 

- Professor Thomas H. Lee, Stanford University (18 November 2008)

Thank you very much for a fantastic technology showcase! 

- Dr Demetri Terzopoulos (The Chancellor's Professor of Computer Science), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (16 December 2009)

I look forward to seeing some of these technologies in my personal life in the future. 

- Professor Howard Stone, Harvard University (18 December 2008)