FusionWorld aims to be a conduit for technologies and innovations to the industry and marketplace. To enhance R&D by demonstrating how companies can leverage A*STAR's technologies to develop new products, markets and business models is a main objective of FusionWorld.

By presenting technologies in the context of their applications, visitors can envision how their companies can leverage on A*STAR technologies to impact their business, products and services. As visitors venture through the five thematic zones, they will have a better overview of A*STAR's research capabilities where many of its innovative technologies can be viewed.

FusionWorld's integrated display of cutting-edge R&D will continue to showcase both A*STAR's science and engineering capabilities and biomedical expertise as well. This includes, and not limited to, Computational and Device Technologies, deep knowledge of Materials and Chemistry, systems thinking that utilises Mechatronics & Automation and Manufacturing Technology supported by Information, Communications, and Media.