Industries Visits

Industry visits
At FusionWorld, we demonstrate how companies can leverage A*STAR's technologies to develop new products, services and markets to make a difference in people’s lives. 

By presenting technologies in the context of their applications, visitors can envision how their companies can make use of A*STAR's technologies to grow their business, products and services.

As visitors venture through the various thematic zones, they will have a better overview of A*STAR's research capabilities and first-hand insights to several of our core competencies. FusionWorld's integrated display of cutting-edge R&D showcases both A*STAR's science and engineering, and biomedical capabilities.  

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27 January, 2016
Pengiran Muda Dr. Abdul Fattaah, Chairman of Baiduri Bank, Brunei

12 April, 2016
Mr Yang Jinxing, Chairman, Tianjin Binhai New Area Commission of Development and Reform

3 June, 2016
Mr Lau Bik Soon, Group Chief Executive Officer, REDtone Telecommunications International Bhd

3 June, 2016
Mr Pradeep Lal, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Fiji Limited

28 June, 2016
Mr Tan Hee Teck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Resorts World Sentosa

11 July, 2016
Mr Xu Datong, Chairman, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Administrative Committee, Tianjin China

22 September 2016
Dr Gregg Carpenter, Global Director of Engineering, The Coca-Cola Company


17 January, 2017
Professor Masa Inakage, Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University

23 February, 2017
Mr Andrew Lim, Managing Director, Business Group, Singtel Group Enterprise 

22 March, 2017
Dr Yukihiro Maru, Chief Executive Officer, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. 

6 April, 2017
Mr Hironobu Omura, Vice Speaker, Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly

11 April, 2017
Mr Manuel Fuertes, Founder and General Manager, Kiatt Global SL

13 April, 2017
Mr Yasushi Shingai, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Japan Tobacco Inc.

24 August, 2017
Dr Jun'ichi Sone, Principal Fellow, Japan Science & Technology Agency; Fellow, The Japan Society of Applied Physics; Vice President, Asia Nano Forum; Advisor, The Society of Nano Science and Technology

11 September, 2017
Mr Euljoon Park, President, Handok Kalos Medical

21 September, 2017
Mr Jerry Zhang, CIO, The Coca-Cola Company

9 October, 2017
Mr Ng Lang, CEO, JTC

17 October, 2017
Mr Davide Passero, CEO, Alleanza Assicurazioni


6 April, 2018
Professor Marcus Schogel, Academic Director, University of St. Gallen

5 July, 2018
Ms Donya-Florence Amer, Executive Vice President, Business Interface, Robert Bosch

5 September, 2018
Professor Hou Dibo, Vice Dean, Zhejiang University Control Science and Engineering College

20 September, 2018
Mr Anthony Tan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Press Holdings

20 September, 2018
Mr Gaurav Sachdeva, Chief Product Officer, Singapore Press Holdings

20 September, 2018
Mr Glen Gary Francis, Chief Technical Officer, Singapore Press Holdings

24 September, 2018
Mr Richi Lim Yik Chin, General Manager, UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd

24 September, 2018
Mr Michael Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer, Sunshine Coast Council

8 October, 2018
Mr Collin Yap, Chief Executive Officer, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pte Ltd

1 November, 2018
Mr George Wang, Senior Vice President, Singapore Airlines