Our scientific focus is to investigate questions in the realm of functional genomics and integrative biology. We exploit the intersect between genomics, cell biology, and medicine and take advantage of the contrasting genetic history of Pan-Asian populations to uncover fundamental truths. Our biological focuses on cancer biology, stem cell genomics, cellular pharmacology, and host-pathogen interactions are integrated with technology development in order to create novel solutions to difficult problems.

Consistent with our remit as a national resource, we provide the genomic infrastructure for Singapore and train new talent in this emerging field.

As the nucleating force for collaborative genomic studies in Singapore, the GIS seeks to unite Singaporean scientists around collective projects of significance and extend this partnership internationally in both the academic and commercial sectors.


Our focus on systems and integrative biology requires an organizational structure and social culture that encourages collective effort, and iterative experimentation between the wet laboratory and computational modeling.

For these reasons, we have spent a great deal of energy in crafting the cultural state of our institute which prizes flexibility, individual intensity, and collective impact. The Genome Institute of Singapore specifically recognizes technology-focused scientists to be as important as biology-centric investigators, but we expect that technology experts team with biologists to address fundamental biological questions.

Our scientific leadership structure reflects our diverse capabilities and our efforts to nurture early talent. We have Faculty Members that range in expertise from basic biology to translational and medical fields. Our Platform Leaders handle the latest in technology and comprise some of our early career researchers (Next Generation Sequencing, High-throughput Biology, Genome Engineering, Genotyping, Cytogenetics, Single Cell Genomics). We have a cohort of exceptional young scientists in our GIS Fellows programme who are driving their own research projects that integrate into the larger GIS picture. Together we believe the best ideas can be harnessed and pursued.

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