The Genome Institute of Singapore is a unique place for scientific discovery. We believe that a future in biology lies in the fusion of highly comprehensive and massively parallel genomic and computational approaches with cell and medical biology. Therefore, we seek the integration of technology and biology towards answering questions of medical importance.

We will support this vision by creating a social culture that encourages open communication, fluid organisational structures and teamwork, but without diminishing individual effort.

Our approach is strategic and is based on long-term scientific and social objectives. I am very pleased to be leading this noble effort, excited about our future and delighted with the colleagues who have decided to join us on this adventure.


The Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) is a national initiative with a global vision that seeks to use genomic sciences to Achieve Extra Ordinary Improvements in Human Health and Public Prosperity.

As a centre for genomic discovery, the GIS will pursue the integration of technology, genetics and biology towards Academic, Economic and Societal Impact.

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