Post Doctoral Fellow (Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology)

Position Code: SC10307

We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic and highly motivated bioinformatician for the Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology laboratory under Prof Ng Huck Hui at the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS). The successful applicant will work closely with a focused team of scientist looking at the transcriptomic and epigenomic landscapes of stem cells and organoid models. This includes handling both in-house generated bulk and single cell sampling datasets as well as datasets from public repositories. The applicant is expected to grasp basic concepts in stem cell gene regulation and developmental biology to facilitate communication of ideas with bench scientists and draw on results of dataset interpretation to formulate meaningful hypotheses. Applicant will also have the opportunity to interact and learn from over 50 fellow bioinformaticians working in different departments of the institute.

Requirements :

  • PhD degree in Computational biology or Bioinformatics.
  • Experience in scripting and implementation of algorithms in programming languages including C/C++, Python, Java, R etc.
  • Good experience in the use of NGS analysis tools.
  • Background in biology or experience in biology projects involving human cell biology or mammalian developmental biology.
  • Good oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to collaborate effectively with others.
  • Co-authorships on peer-reviewed publications are preferred.

More information about the Prof Ng Huck Hui’s lab including recent publications can be found online:

If you are interested in joining a highly talented research team situated in a unique location with a global vision, please forward a cover letter, curriculum vitae and a list of three references to the

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