Attachment Programmes

GIS welcomes research attachments for computer science, engineering and biological science undergraduates from local and overseas universities as well as local polytechnics. In order to have a meaningful research experience, we encourage an attachment duration of at least 12 weeks fulltime (or the equivalent in a part-time attachment). Experience at the GIS has led to several of our attachment students moving on into graduate programmes.

If you are an International student consider applying for the Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) to support your research attachment. For information on the SIPGA, click here. Do give about 5-6 months for the application and paperwork to be completed in order to start during your desired time window.

Overseas Singaporeans may consider the Research Attachment for Overseas Singaporeans (RAOS) to support their research attachment. For information on RAOS, click here.

How to Apply:
Students interested in working with GIS are encouraged to, write directly to GIS scientists to ask if they can be an attachment student in their lab or work through your university/polytechnic attachment programmes. If they are applying for a scholarship (SIPGA, RAOS) GIS will assist in the submission of the applications. The instructions on the application are found on the A*GA website (SIPGA; RAOS).

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Office of Academic Affairs
  • Genome Institute of Singapore
  • Genome, 60 Biopolis Street, #02-01
  • Singapore 138672
  • E-mail:

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