Chiea Chuen KHOR

Group Leader


Many a time, we observe (and sometimes even comment) that a friend's child bears a striking resemblance to his/her parent. This is a profound testimony to the contribution of hereditable elements which shape our being. We now go one little step further and ask: 'Are some of the diseases afflicting us linked, in one way or another, to our genetic makeup?"

Although I qualified as a medical doctor, I realized that my calling was to pursue medical research in a full-time manner. My interest has always been to study the determinants which predispose otherwise healthy human beings to disease, and to see if the information so gathered can be used to help patients. Unfortunately, we do not fully understand how disease processes work. I enjoy conducting genetic studies because more often than not, the findings illuminate medical science, and have an opportunity to change clinical practise for the better in the long term.

My laboratory practise spans many areas of human genetics studied across diverse human traits and disease conditions, with the long term goal of translating genetic findings into predictive medicine to improve healthcare in Singapore.

I also serve as Acting Platform Leader for the Institute's Combined Genotyping and Sequencing Service.

Research program team-mates

Zheng Li, M.D., PhD (Staff Scientist)
Soo Hui Meng (Laboratory Manager)
Sim Kar Seng (Bioinformatics Manager)
Xie Zhicheng, PhD (Senior Research Officer)
Peh Su Qin (Senior Research Officer)

GIS combined Genotyping and Sequencing Platform

Genotyping service team-mates
Meah Wee Yang (Laboratory Manager)
Mok Shi Qi (Research Officer; Illumina GWAS lead)
Chen Xiao Yin (Senior Research Officer; Illumina GWAS co-lead, sequencing library preparations)
Heng Khai Koon (Senior Research Officer; Affymetrix GWAS lead)
Zhang Zhenshui (Senior Research Officer; Sample extractions and QC)

Next-Generation Sequencing service team-mates
Low Hwee Meng (Assistant Laboratory Manager; Oxford Nanopore and long read platforms)
Jo Ong Chin Thing (Senior Research Officer; Administrative Lead)
Lee Yen Ling (Senior Research Officer; Illumina platform and QC lead)
Desmond Ng Poh Yong (Senior Research Officer; Sequencing Library preparation)
Dawn Choi (Senior Research Officer; Sequencing Library preparation)

Dennis Tan Eng Kiat (Research Officer)
Current position: PhD student, University of Western Australia

Wong Chang Hua (Senior Research Officer; Sequenom lead)
Goh Yufen (Research Officer)
Masahiro Miyake, M.D. (Visiting Scholar from Kyoto University)

Toh Kai Yee (Research Officer)
Current Position: Executive, School of Public Health, National University of Singapore

Seng Zi Jing (Laboratory Officer)
Current Position: Research Officer and Graduate Student, Nanyang Technological University

Zhang Jingyao (Research Fellow)
Current Position: Research Fellow, GIS-ATRECA laboratory


  • 2007 Gold medal and book prize in Ophthalmology

    2013 Singapore National Academy of Science Young Scientist Award for Biological and Biomedical Sciences

    2015 EMBO Young Investigator Programme Award

    2016 STAR Employee Award (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)

    2018 National Research Foundation Investigator

    2018 American Association for Cancer Research Team Science Award

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