Controlled Data by The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA)

Scientific researchers are eligible to apply for access to controlled data hosted by the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA).

How to apply

A Data Access Agreement and an Application Form for access to the data should be completed and returned to the Data Access Committee of the Genome Institute of Singapore ( Applications will only be accepted electronically. Any queries regarding access procedures or completion of the forms should be sent to this address.

Access to the data will require the completion of a Data Access Agreement (signed and stamped, no electronic signature), an Application Form, and a document providing proof that the applicant is working in a scientific organization (signed and stamped by an authority of the organization). An originally signed hard copy of the agreement should be posted to:

Genome Institute of Singapore
Data Access Committee
60 Biopolis Street
Genome, #02-01
Singapore 138672

Available Data sets:
Whole Genome Sequencing of Asian Lung Cancers: Second Hand Smoke is Not Responsible for Higher Incidence of Lung Cancer Among Asian Never-Smoker.
Krishnan et al. 2014 Cancer Research 74:6071-81
EGAD00001001240: Data Access Agreement [DOC|PDF], Application Form [DOC]

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