Centre for High Throughput Phenomics (CHiP– GIS)

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To provide an integrated, state-of-the-art, functional and chemical genomics-based high-throughput/high-content screening (HTS/HCS) facility in Singapore Centre for High Throughput Phenomics at GIS have established a shared resource for the application of functional genomic technologies to support the research programs of investigators at GIS and beyond.


CHiP-GIS, dedicated to bring together people, ideas and technology from all aspects of biomedical research in academia and industry. CHiP-GIS is to be pioneer in the fields of functional genomics and chemical biology towards contributing to the discovery of biologically-relevant molecular probes and novel diagnostic and therapeutic avenues.

Services offered at CHiP-GIS

  1. The CHiP-GIS team has extensive experience in screening-related disciplines for performing cellular target-based and phenotypic cellular assays in 384 and 96-wells plates.
    • a) RNA interference (Genome wide siRNA and shRNA)
    • b) Over expression studies (Expression ready cDNA / cDNA ORF clones)
    • c) Chemical biology screen to validate and optimize novel target(s)

    Cellular screens for probing gene function using large collections of RNAi or over expression based libraries covering and targeting whole genomes.

  2. CHiP-GIS support screening campaigns include; consulting, project-advising, guiding, execution (through collaborations) and support in the following Principal areas:
    • a) HTS assay development – optimization and validation
    • b) Pilot screens with a limited number of siRNA/shRNA/cDNA/ small molecules and Screening scale ups.
    • c) Bioinformatic support in order to assist screeners in performing and interpreting their genome scale screens.
    • d) Development of complex cellular models including primary cultures, co-cultures and 3D spheroids, organoids and imaging solutions

Instruments/Technology available at CHiP-GIS

Liquid handling and Automation
High Throughput Robotics
Perkin Elmer Janus (96- and 384-well pipetting)
Agilent Bravo(96 and 384 well) with Benchcel,
Plate Loc, Barcode labeler

High Throughput Liquid Handling
Microplate Washer with stacker – Bio Tek
Multiflow Reagent Dispenser – Bio Tek
Multidrop Combi with Stacker – Thermo
Assay instrumentation
High Content Imaging
High Content Imaging– Operetta from PerkinElmer
Amnis- ImageStream-X Mark II imaging flow cytometer

High Throughput Plate Reader
Tecan Infinite M1000 PRO - Multimode 6-to 1536-well Microplate Reader
Licor-Odyssey Sa Infrared Imaging / InCell western analysis and whole well scan

Libraries/Reagents - CHiP-GIS

Functional Genomics
siRNA / shRNA libraries
  • Human whole genome siRNA Dharmacon On-Target Plus (pools)
  • Human long-non-coding RNA (lncRNA) library: Life Tech (pools and individuals)
  • Mouse whole gnome siRNA library: Life Tech (pools and individuals)
  • Human and Mouse microRNA mimics (miRs) and inhibitors (antago-miRs): Life Tech
  • Human and Mouse whole genome arrayed /pool shRNA library: SIGMA
cDNA ORF clones/ expression ready libraries
  • Ultimate lite™ ORF Clones from LifeTech (Thermo)
  • CCSB-Broad Lentiviral Expression Collection (GE/Dharmacon) - available only for GIS researchers
Chemical Genomics
Small molecule inhibitor and Libraries
  • Enamine - Pharmacology Diversity Set-10240
  • Micro source - The SPECTRUM Collection- 2400
  • Sigma Aldrich LOPAC 1280
  • Micro source – The killer set 80
  • Selleck known Kinase inhibitors – 273
  • Selleck Anti-cancer Library – 349
  • Sigma Pfizer scaffold – 80
  • Selleck Anti-diabetic library-48
  • Stem cell signaling compound – 75

Contact Us

For all Screening related information like Order of Screening Events, Workflow, Screening Documents and Policy, Please contact

Level -5 Genome Institute of Singapore
60 Biopolis Street, # 02 -01 Genome,
Singapore : 138672
Website: https://www.chip-phenomics.org
Email: CHiP@gis.a-star.edu.sg
Phone: (65) 6808 8000
Fax: (65) 6808 8305

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