The GIS next generation sequencing platform was established more than a decade ago, with extensive experience utilizing cutting edge NGS technologies. Through the years, the platform has evolved to become the largest and most productive academic sequencing facility in Singapore.

As an endpoint service to a wide range of applications that answer different biological questions, the sequencing platform is critical to the ability to generate data from whole genome sequencing to RNA-sequencing, ChIP-sequencing, exome sequencing and more (listed under 'Applications' tab). With a fleet of Hiseqs, Nextseqs and Miseqs from Illumina, the platform generates massive amounts of data, up to 200 Terabases per year. These include 300 million reads of up to 300bp per lane, in as short as 2 days’ turnaround. In addition to the Illumina sequencers, the platform also houses sequencers from all other top sequencing companies including PacBio and LifeTech.

This state-of the-art sequencing platform is constantly updating itself with the newest technologies, to maintain its top spot as a sequencing service in Singapore. Not only does the platform look to produce reliable sequencing data in a high throughput manner, it is also expanding its capabilities to include an end-to-end service of library preparation, sequencing and computational analysis. The platform is ISO13485 / ISO9001 certified. It is also a certified service provider for PacBio.

We offer sequencing services through fee-for-service as well as collaborative partnerships. Please contact Dr Wendy Soon ( for more details.

NGS Platform Facility
Illumina PacBio LifeTech
HiSeq High Output HiSeq Rapid MiSeq NextSeq RSII Sequel Ion Proton Ion PGM
Number of lanes per flowcell/chip 8 2 1 1 1-16 1-16 1 1
Throughput per lane (Gb) 35-90 28-32 3-4 100-120 0.5-1 3-5 8-10 0.1-2
Number of reads per lane (millions) 150-300 million 120-180 million 10-15 million 350-400 million 0.05 million 300-350 million 60-80 million 0.5-5 million
Maximum read length (bp) 151 151 251 151 >40,000 >40,000 200 200
Sequencing turnaround time (days) 3-14 2 1-2 1-2 0.25 0.25 0.2 0.3
Illumina HiSeq
Illumina MiSeq
Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine

"I am very happy with the efficient and high quality sequencing done by GIS-NGSP. They are very easy to work with."
- Asst. Prof. Melissa Jane Fullwood, Principal Investigator, Cancer Science Institute

"We have done a few large-scale sequencing projects with the GIS-NGSP, as well as several small ones testing a variety of library preparation methods for sequencing different genomic regions. The team has been very helpful with our queries and requests for customization, and we have always received quality data back in good time."
– Asst. Prof. Foo Jia Nee, Principal Investigator, Genetics and Genomics of Neurological Diseases, NTU LKCMedicine

"I recently engaged the GIS-NGSP for a very time-sensitive sequencing analysis. They were very responsive and worked with me to find the right sequencing platform to fit my requirements for depth, quality and speed."
- Asst. Prof. October Sessions, Assistant Professor, Emerging Infectious Diseases Programme, DUKE-NUS

"It's been a pleasure working with the NGSP team who provide responsive service and professional advice and are very accommodating to investigator needs. I would definitely recommend this as a sequencing service of choice."
- Asst. Prof Iain Tan, Consultant Medical Oncologist & Clinician Scientist, NCCS, Duke NUS and Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR

"The service provided by the NGS platform at GIS provides an excellent end to end solution for all our sequencing needs from exome, target capture, RNA-seq and whole meta-genomics for microbiome studies. We have had many fruitful discussions with the team that has helped us to re-design how we plan our experiments efficiently and get our results in a timely manner."
- Dr John Common, Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR

"Dear NGSP-Team, you are doing a fantastic job! Thank you for all your support over the past year and your tremendous effects in helping IMCB researchers and myself."
- Dr Heike Wollmann, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR

"NGSP is truly and exemplary platform on the cusp the NGS wave. They have recently added library preparation and are always upgrading to the latest sequencers. The platform is a pleasure it interact with and extremely efficient at delivery. I am the manager of GERMS platform and we rely on the NGSP to deliver us the raw sequences needed for our microbial pipelines. Thank you NGSP!"
- Dr Paola de Sessions, GERMS Platform Leader, Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR

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