Genomics research requires the analysis of vast datasets (in Peta-Bytes, on a scale unmatched in the biological sciences) and the infrastructure to accommodate such analysis is unique (e.g. compression algorithms for genomic sequences) and tailored (i.e. customized cluster-computing and hybrid-computing systems, large-memory SMPs, which couple with tiered high-performance storage architecture). Due to rapid advances in technology, the field of genomic computing and analytics is fast-moving. and requires a dedicated and specialized team (software + hardware experts) that understands the scientific R&D goals. The scientific and research computing group at GIS serves this function and in particular develops and maintains our mission-critical integrated-genomics platform including:

  • In-house developed, academic and commercial software/LIMS, automatic production pipelines for genomic/bioinformatics computing and associated big data management and analytics
  • HPC systems (i.e. clusters, SMPs, VM servers), Storage and Network equipment (including SAN, NAS, storage nodes, storage switches, gateways): design, planning, procurement, configuration, integration and data-center administration and support

The mission of our platform is to provide research computing resources including bioinformatics, application development, data management and IT infrastructure to support next generation sequencing technologies, human genotyping, high throughput screening and computational biology researchers.Our integrated platform has been well tested and running in production environment at GIS for years. Our key strength is our capability of providing integrated and end-to-end solution from raw genomic data to analysis pipeline to specific visualization/archive, and from hardware to middleware to applications to customized analytics. We welcome collaboration from academia as well as industry.

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