The GIS-Fluidigm Single-Cell Omics Centre (SCOC) is a laboratory located within the Institute dedicated to accelerating the understanding of how individual cells work, and how diagnosis and treatment might be enhanced through insight derived from single cells. The centre is a joint  collaboration between Genome Institute of Singapore and Fluidigm Corporation, an industry leader in single-cell genomics.

The mission of the SCOC is based on the concept that the cell is the basic building block of life. The human body is composed of billions of individual cells representing thousands of cell-types all intricately communicating with one another. One of the goals of this centre is to define biological systems at this level, whether in diseased states or normal development, by analysing the transcriptomes and genomes of individual cells. By profiling the transcriptome of many individual cells within a population, one gains unparalleled insight into the diversity of cell types and how they communicate between themselves. Such a level of understanding provides mechanistic insights into how cells self-renew, differentiate, evolve (both between species and within cancers), and respond to infection and/or drug treatments. The centre allows access to the single-cell genomics technologies that are at the core of Fluidigm’s business so that scientists and clinicians within the Singapore research community remain on the cutting edge of scientific research.

The centre features advanced microfluidic technologies developed by Fluidigm enabling single cell transcriptomics and genomics. Equipment within the centre includes two C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep Systems, which automatically capture individual cells from small tissue quantities. The nucleic acids extracted on this system and generated from individual cells can subsequently be analysed by high-throughput real-time PCR on the two Fluidigm BioMark™ HD Systems housed in the centre or by NextGen sequencing machines located within GIS.

The GIS-Fluidigm Single Cell Omics Centre stands as a prime example of a mutually beneficial academic industry partnership model that fully exploits the capabilities of the institute in technology and experimental and computational biology.

Solutions at Single-Cell Omics Centre

Single - Cell Genomics Solution Workflow Applications

10x Chromium controller

10x genomics system
generates thousands of
single cell droplets
per minute for
down stream application

  1. Single cell droplet
    generation in
    10x chromium controller
  2. RT in thermocycler
  3. cDNA Amplification
    and cleanup
  4. Library preparation
    and size selection cleanup
  5. Sequencing
Single cell gene expression
Single cell immune profiling
Genome sequencing
Exome sequencing
Single cell CNV
De novo Assembly

Coming Soon …
Single Cell ATACseq

C1™ Single-Cell
Auto Prep System

Automated single-cell
isolation and
preparation system for
genomic analysis

C1™ Script Builder™
Build custom single-cell
application; invent
new methods to explore
cellular heterogeneity

  3. LYSE
Single-Cell Targeted Gene Expression
Single-Cell miRNA Expression Profiling
Single-Cell Whole Transcriptome Analysis
Single-Cell Targeted DNA Sequencing
Single-Cell Whole Exome Sequencing
Single-Cell Whole Genome Sequencing

Biomark HD™ System

Multipurpose real-time
PCR system that performs
genotyping, gene expression
profiling, quantitative real-time
digital PCR (qdPCR),
and single-cell analysis

  1. PRIME
  3. LOAD
  4. RUN
Gene Expression
Single-Cell Gene Expression
SNP Genotyping
Protein Expression
Copy Number Variation
Sample Identification

Access Array™ System

Builds amplicon libraries
for all major NGS platforms: 
Illumina® GAllx™,
HiSeq®, MiSeq™
Sequencers; Ion Torrent™
PGM™ and Roche® 454

  1. LOAD
Targeted Resequencing
Target Enrichment
Sample Barcoding for
Multiplex Sequencing
Sequencing Library Prep Using
Amplicon Tagging

ICELL8™ Single-Cell System

Icell8 system rapidly
dispense thousands of
single cell and analyze
cells of any size with
unbiased cell isolation

  1. Dispense cells, controls and fiducials
  2. Image wells and select cells for processing
  3. Dispense RT to the selected cells
  4. cDNA preparation, extraction and purification
Single-Cell mRNA sequencing

Single - Cell Genomics Analysis software

Fluidigm® Singular™ Analysis Toolset
An open source solution for visualizing and
interpreting single-cell data, the Singular
Analysis Toolset offers graphics to identify
gene expression and mutation patterns in
populations of cells, zoom in on the most
critical targets and eliminate outliers.

Biomark Real-Time PCR Analysis
Establish standard curves, calculate delta delta Ct;
Automatically determine ideal threshold setting

10x Genomics Analysis Pipeline Software
Cell Ranger, Cell Ranger DNA,
Long Ranger

10x Genomics Visualization Software
Loupe Cell Browser
Loupe V(D)J browser
Loupe scDNA Browser
Loupe Genome Browser

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