Giridharan Periyasamy, Ph.D.
Manager, High Throughput / Content Screening Platform

To enable automated image-based screening at sub-cellular resolution
To probe kinetic parameters of biological processes in throughput mode with live cell automated microscopy
Discovery of new gene functions and phenotypes after depletion or knock-down / enhancer or over expression
Identification of new chemical or biological entities that induce equivalent phenotypes
Using chemico-genomic approaches to discover mode of action of compounds (comparison RNAi and chemical screens)
To build a tiered approach for Predictive Toxicity Screening using relevant 3D / Organotypic cell culture models



1995 Bachelors in chemistry Bharathidasan University India

1997 Masters in Biochemistry Annamalai University India

2003 PhD in Biotechnology Centre for Biotech, Anna University India



Nov 2012 - Sep 2013 Scientific Director -HTS/HCS Screening Core Facility, C-CAMP, NCBS-TIFR, Bangalore, India

Aug 2009 – Oct 2012 Group Leader, Screening and Lead Evaluation, Department of HTS, Piramal Healthcare Ltd, Mumbai, India

Aug 2005– Aug 2009 Senior Research Scientist, Department of HTS, Piramal Life Sciences Ltd, Mumbai, India

Jun 2003 - Aug 2005 Lecturer Biotechnology, Center for Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai, India



1999 - 2000 Junior Research Fellow, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

2000 - 2003 Senior Research Fellow, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

2003 -2005 Principal Research Consultant in the area of cancer drug discovery for Nicholas Piramal India Limited, Mumbai

2006 & 2008 “Excel” achievement award for the best performance in the ongoing oncology drug discovery programme.

2011 Team award for effective co-ordination and completion of 2,57,000 microbial extracts screening for four therapeutic areas in DBT-Multi Institutional programme



2012 US Patent application No.: 61/617927 "Nucleoside analogue as an anticancer compound" US Patent application No.: 61/617927, Date of filing: March 30, 2012 Co-Inventor
2011 US Patent application no. : 61/491,569 A synergistic pharmaceutical combination for the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck, US Patent application no. : 61/491,569, Date of filing: 31 May 2011. Primary Inventor
2011 US Patent application No.: 61/452,197 Synergistic pharmaceutical combination for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, US Patent application No.: 61/452,197, Date of filing: 15 March 2011. Primary Inventor
2010 USPTO # 20100152129 Novel synergistic combination of Gemcitabine with P276-00 orP1446a in treatment of cancer, Publication date: 06/17/2010. Primary Inventor
2008 WO/2008/090517 Enriched plant extract, compound, and methods for the treatment of proliferative disorders Pub. No.: (PCT/IB2008/050227) Publication date:31.07.2008 International Filing date: 23.01.2008. Primary Inventor
2003 WO/2003/022854 a substituted furochromenone derivative exhibiting anti-cancer and anti-proliferative properties. Pub. No.: PCT/IN2001/000156 Publication date: 20.03.2003 International Filing date: 11.09.2001. Primary Inventor



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