The goal of GIS Fellow Programmes is to groom outstanding early career researchers working in research areas relevant to the institute’s strategic goals and the next phase of Genomic Sciences.

The strategic research areas include:

  1. Genomic Technologies (Sequencing)
  2. Computational Biology, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Sciences
  3. Precision Medicine and Population Genomics
  4. Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics
  5. Single-cell Platforms

The programmes provide exceptionally talented and promising new PhD and/or MD/M.B.B.S. graduates the opportunity to set up and run their research projects as a GIS Fellow or GIS Clinician Scientist (CS) Fellow. They will receive mentoring from the faculty they interact with and will be hosted in a lab of their choice. They will be given financial support, space and resources in a nurturing environment with access to state-of-the-art research facilities. Candidates for these programmes must show exceptional promise to develop into world class researchers, strengthen key strategic research areas of the GIS, and secure independent funding by the end of the Fellowship.

The GIS Fellow

The GIS Fellow programme is geared to the accomplished PhD graduate that has a vision of the science he/she wants to do. It enables him/her to bypass the traditional academic postdoc phase and have intellectual and funding independence. GIS Fellows are expected to develop and run research programmes that enhance the research portfolio of the GIS and which will propel them over the course of 3-6 years into full-fledged investigators capable of securing independent funding.

The GIS Clinician Scientist (CS) Fellow

The GIS CS fellow programme is aimed at supporting the development of the Clinician Scientist leaders of the future. The exposure to the GIS's environment of cutting-edge technology and integrative science will enhance their training and the scientific impact and innovation/creativity of their research. The hope is that the GIS CS Fellow will strengthen the translational interface of the GIS and through this programme develop into a successful independent Clinician Scientist.

The selection criteria for Fellows include the following:

  1. MD and/or PhD (only recent graduates will be considered)
  2. 3 letters of recommendation
  3. Research proposal

Those who are interested to apply, please send the required documents together with a copy of your latest CV to