Scaling the Singapore Genetic Databank

Learn how scientists at AI3 built the world's largest genetic databank of Asian populations.


New way to classify multi-modal data

Researchers at AI3 have found an effective to classify data with audio and video


How smart wearable can help detect COVID-19

Respiree's wearable is being used to detect symptoms of COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence Analytics & Informatics (AI3)

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics and Informatics are recognised globally as highly disruptive technologies with potential to bring about transformation and benefits to human societies and national economies. In Singapore, we view these capabilities as enablers to support our ambition to be the world’s first smart nation.

At A*STAR, Artificial Intelligence Analytics & Informatics (AI3) coordinates and catalyses the development and application of A*STAR’s data science and AI capabilities for Singapore’s economic and societal needs:

  • AI3 coordinates A*STAR’s sizeable and diverse talent pool with cross-cutting expertise in AI, analytics and informatics, in the development and translation of novel AI solutions from A*STAR.
  • AI3 works in partnership with public sector agencies to deploy A*STAR’s AI capabilities to addresses national challenges in areas such as engineering, manufacturing, education, healthcare, security, and transportation, in support of Singapore’s National AI Strategy.
  • AI3 provides solutions to industry, particularly SMEs and LLEs, to help them transform their businesses with AI.