Our People at AI3

Affective Computing

Yinping Yang
Research Interests: Sentiment analysis and emotion recognition; Intelligent agent; Research foresight
Raj Kumar Gupta
Research Interests: Affective Computing, Natural Language Processing

AI Applications

Erwin Tantoso
Research Interests: Integrated multi-omics data analysis, Pangenomics analysis
Kaicheng Liang
Research Interests: Photonic micro-engineering enhanced by deep learning for minimally invasive clinical imaging
Wei Liu
Research Interests: Deep learning techniques to analyze cellular/bacterial videos, applications to structural biology studies
Lit Hsin Loo
Research Interests: Image-based Phenotypic Profiling and Predictive Cellular Response Models
Mahsa Paknezhad
Research Interests: Computer vision, medical image processing, reinforcement learning, adversarial robustness, continual learning
Bhanu Prakash KN
Research Interests: Biomedical signal & Image analysis, Pattern Recognition, AI, Clinical decision support systems, Differential diagnosis, Radiomics and Population based studies in Neuro and precision medicine
Arvind Srinivasa
Research Interests: Radiology applications using deep learning and machine learning
Kai Keng Ang
Research Interests: Neural signal processing. Machine learning methods in brain-computer interfaces (BCI) for rehabilitation and human performance monitoring, with application for example in neurorehabilitation therapy for stroke patients.
Haihong Zhang
Research Interests: Machine intelligence for early detection of human motion intention, with applications in high-performance human-robotics interfaces; neurocomputing of brain and peripheral signals for assessing and improving human cognition conditions
Ernest Kurniawan
Research Interests: Applied AI in Wireless Communications, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning, Meta Learning, Continuous Learning, and Explainable AI.
Peng Hui Tan
Research Interests: Coding for relay network, Link adaptation, MIMO-OFDM system design
Cherry Ye Aung
Research Interests: Traffic prediction, tracking, incident detection, and route guidance models and algorithms for intelligent transport systems, GPU-based accelerated computing for city-wide traffic demand prediction, AI-based traffic signal control behavior prediction, mobile social network communications models and algorithms
Ming Zhao
Research Interests: Applied AI research in Intelligent Transportation Domain, Model-based Predictive Control, search/optimization algorithm, machine learning, deep learning, data analysis and predictive modelling, V2X communications, intelligent routing protocol for IoT etc.
Huu Tram Truong
Research Interests: Application of artificial intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity, especially network and system security. Research in lifelong/online learning, self-supervised learning to address the problems in cybersecurity.
Prasanta Bhattacharya
Research Interests: My research brings together topics and methods from network science, behavioral analytics, and risk profiling to relevant AI applications in finance and education.
Jinmiao Chen
Research Interests: Integrated analysis of high dimensional flow/mass cytometry, single cell RNAseq and single-cell imaging data
Ying Chen
Research Interests: Nanopore sequencing, RNA sequencing, Transcriptomics, Statistical models, Bioinformatics
Niranjan Nagarajan
Research Interests: Computational Genomics, Metagenomics
Shyam Prabhakar
Research Interests: Genomics, bioinformatics, single cell, spatial transcriptomics, epigenomics
Mile Sikic
Research Interests: bioinformatics, computational biology, machine learning, complex networks
Shaista Hussain
Research Interests: Physics-based AI, deep learning models combined with physical models, Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), applied to healthcare.
Pavitra Krishnaswamy
Research Interests: AI for Healthcare. Research themes include multimodal data analytics on combinations of structured and unstructured healthcare data, predictive analytics on time series healthcare data, optimization methodologies for decision support, federated learning, unsupervised deep learning, domain knowledge integration for interpretable ML/DL, advanced methods for medical image processing, and overcoming barriers for translation or deployment of ML/DL solutions in practice.
Vigneshwaran Subbaraju
Research Interests: Multimodal human-robot interaction, Lifelogging and applications, Machine learning for brain imaging (fMRI/EEG), Pervasive/Ubiquitous computing, Signal processing.
Xinxing Xu
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Medical Image Analysis and Digital Healthcare
Alireza Alghassi
Research Interests: Machine learning, smart manufacturing, materials processing
Farzam Farbiz
Research Interests: AIoT and application of AI in manufacturing and IIoT by incorporating knowledge and physical models with data driven approaches
Yang Xue
Research Interests: Data analytics, machine learning, time-series analysis, predictive maintenance and federated learning
Feng Yang
Research Interests: Machine learning, knowledge discovery, pattern classification, prognostics, bioinformatics and biomedical signal processing. Special interest in Physics-based AI/ML, Automated ML (AutoML), and Prognostics & Predictive modelling for condition monitoring and intelligent decision-making that can serve industry to improve reliability, safety, efficiency and productivity.
Miaolong Yuan
Research Interests: Deep learning/machine learning, robotics, time series processing and forecasting, data analytics and applications in supply chain system and manufacturing activities
My Ha Dao
Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics models for high-fidelity simulations, and Physics-based data driven and artificial intelligence models to complement the CFD models in areas of aerospace, marine and offshore, additive manufacturing, green energy, build enironment, etc.
Senthilnath Jayavelu
Research Interests: Deep generative models, online/continual learning, reinforcement learning, and optimization in multi-agent systems, materials science and remote sensing (satellite/drone)
Chin Chun Ooi
Research Interests: Physics-based AI, Multiphysics Modeling, CFD
Anders Skanderup
Research Interests: Data analytics and machine learning for Precision Oncology.
Chayaporn Suphavilai
Research Interests: Machine learning for (1) Precision medicine, including cancer drug response prediction and antimicrobial susceptibility prediction; (2) Rapid pathogen detection and taxonomic classification for clinical and environmental metagenomics; (3) Tumor heterogeneity and multi-omics
Wee Siong Ng
Research Interests: Data analytics, IoT, Transport
Research Interests: Intelligent transporation systems focused on optimal traffic management using predictive data analysis, system optimization, graph signal processing, resource allocation in AI enabled wireless networks.
Fei Gao
Research Interests: AI solutions to solve real-world challenges: including Lifelong Machine Learning and Automated Machine Learning algorithms, as well as AI Platforms to simplify the development of AI models.
Zhengguo Li
Research Interests: Video coding, Computational photography Switched and impulsive systems, Sensor fusion
Joel Tay
Research Interests: Supply Chain and Logistics, Robust Optimization, Decision-making under Uncertainty, Machine Learning, Data Analytics
Zhe Wang
Research Interests: Large-scale image and video search, neural network compression, deep learning hardware, and signal processing.
Jie Zhang
Research Interests: Deep Learning, Defect/Anomaly Detection, Automation

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) / Deep Learning

Weimin Huang
Research Interests: Machine learning / Deep Learning, Medical Image Analysis and applications, Surgical robotic intervention
Kanagasabai Rajaraman
Research Interests: Machine Learning (Deep Learning, Interpretable ML,etc. ), Text Analytics, and Semantic Computing.
Yong Liu
Research Interests: Multimodal Machine Learning, Medical Image Analysis, Computer Vision, AI in Healthcare, Digital Ophthalmology
Jiawei Du
Research Interests: Adversarial attack, adversarial training, optimization
Tian Yi Joey Zhou
Research Interests: Low resource Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework through reducing the requirement from data and computational resources, a future AI direction that boosts up a large-scale AI deployment. Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing.
Zhenghua Chen
Research Interests: Time series data analytics, deep learning, transfer learning, model compression and related applications
Chuan Sheng Foo
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data-Efficient Learning
Ashish James
Research Interests: Deep learning for design of experiments, Uncertainity estimates in deep learning, Advanced regression techniques, Defect detection/identification and Semi-supervised segmentation for AME domain, Learning with less samples through active learning and semi-supervised learning
Shaohua Li
Research Interests: deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing
Jie Lin
Research Interests: Deep Learning, AI Hardware, Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning, Data Compression, Computer Vision
Zeng Zeng
Research Interests: Deep learning, distributed computing, cloud computing
Hao Zhang
Research Interests: Natural Language processing, vision-and-language reasoning, video grounding, machine learning
Liangli Zhen
Research Interests: Efficient machine learning and safe & robust AI. Related research topics include representation learning, transfer learning, multimodal learning, model compression, adversarial attacks & defences, etc.

Cognitive Modelling and Cognitive Systems

Dongkyu Choi
Research Interests: Cognitive architectures, Goal reasoning, Intelligent physical agents, Cognitive robotics, High-level decision making
Seng Beng Ho
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Causal Learning
Kenneth Kwok
Research Interests: Cognitive Systems, Cognitive Psychology; Computational Modelling; Commonsense Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Computer vision

Dongyun Lin
Research Interests: Computer vision in medical images; Anomaly detection; Semantic Segmentation; Defect Detection and Segmentation; Multi-View 3D Object Retrieval
Karianto Leman
Research Interests: Deep learning for Computer Vision with focus in recognition of human motion/action/behavior.
Ramanpreet Pahwa
Research Interests: Deep learning, computer vision, 3D machine vision, autonomous vehicle object detection, 2D-3D fully supervised and semi-supervised segmentation
Kenan Emir Ak
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning
Jierong Cheng
Research Interests: computer vision, image analysis
Fen Fang
Research Interests: Deep learning on object detection (especially on small object detection, such as defect detection) and deep reinforcement learning on active object detection.
Basura Fernando
Research Interests: Action Recognition, Transfer Learning, Action Prediction, Weakly Supervised Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Wee Teck Fong
Research Interests: Computer Vision, SLAM, Augmented and Virtual Reality
Feng Gao
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision
Yiqun Sarah Li
Research Interests: computer vision, deep learning, meta learning
Joo Hwee Lim
Research Interests: Visual Learning and Reasoning, Augmented Intelligence, Human-Machine Symbiosis
Fayao Liu
Research Interests: Machine Learning, computer vision
Ping Liu
Research Interests: Face hallucination, facial activity analysis, Image Translation, Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation, Model Compression
Siying Liu
Research Interests: Computer Vision: Action recognition, Physically-based modeling (geometry, lighting and reflectance) and 3D Vision; Machine Learning: Deep Learning, Statistics in high-dimensional space, Unsupervised Learning (esp. Anomaly detection)
Nam Trung Pham
Research Interests: Deep learning, Object Detection and Tracking, Action Recognition
Ying Sun
Research Interests: Computer vision and machine learning, image/video understanding, visual representation learning, and visual reasoning.
Yin Chet Cheston Tan
Research Interests: Cognitively-Inspired AI, Embodied AI, AGI, Human-Centric Systems, Assistive AI
Hui Li Tan
Research Interests: Computer vision, visual-linguistic understanding, incremental learning, private distributed learning,
Wei Xiong
Research Interests: Computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, image/signal processing
Xun Xu
Research Interests: Computer vision and machine learning with application to 3D point cloud data.
Heng Zhao
Research Interests: machine learning, computer vision, object detection, image segmentation, natural language processing, referring expression comprehension
Hong Yuan Zhu
Research Interests: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Machine Learning

Data Mining and Analytics

Savitha Ramasamy
Research Interests: Machine learning, Continual Learning, Time Series Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics
Guimei Liu
Research Interests: recommendation systems, user behavioral analytics with applications in online learning, customer analytics and HR analytics
Xu Chi
Research Interests: (1). Machine learning and data mining for enterprise and supply chain applications; (2). Last mile logistics planning and management; (3). Supply chain track and trace
Xiuju Fu
Research Interests: Big spatial-temporal data analytics, simulation and optimization technologies and their applications in maritime, public health and supply chain systems.
Shili Xiang
Research Interests: Spatio-Temporal Pattern Mining (Trajectory-based AI), Multi-modal Data Analysis, Data-driven Optimization and Decision Making. Applied to real-world smart nation problems in smart mobility and smart living, with a current focus on land and air transport systems and applications.
Zhe Xiao
Research Interests: Intelligent transportation systems (urban and maritime), intelligence systems and crowd intelligence (IoT sensor networks and crowdsensing, smart cities), data science and statistic based machine learning, large-scale concurrent system architecture and blockchain technologies.
Xiaoli Li
Research Interests: AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, Text Mining, Time series sensor analytics
Qiushi Wang
Research Interests: Machine learning and deep learning for time series analytics. Automatic model optimization. Feature extraction and selection from time series data for clustering, classification and regression.
Min Wu
Research Interests: Sensory data analytics, graph data mining and bioinformatics.

Heuristic Search and Optimization

Abhishek Gupta
Research Interests: Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, Neuroevolution, Multi-task Optimisation, Bayesian Optimization, Transfer Learning

Human-machine interaction (including HCI, UI/UX)

Le Mau Tuan
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Emotion, Learning
Qianli Xu
Research Interests: Visual intelligence, human-computer interaction, humam factors

Machine learning (excluding ANNs)

Hwee Kuan Lee
Research Interests: Deep learning and mathematical models to build better machines for the improvement of health care and discovery of biological knowledge. Medical imaging of tissues, histological slides and videos of 2D/3D live cells assays.
Jonathan Goeke
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Computational Genomics
Judice LY Koh
Research Interests: AI/machine learning, bio-informatics, drug discovery
ArulMurugan Ambikapathi
Research Interests: Robust Representations, Continual Learning, Bayesian Learning, Inverse Design, Applied Convex Optimization; Applications: Mainly Semicon and AME - Visual Inspection, CD Regression, and Design of Experiments
Jihoon Hong
Research Interests: Industrial AI, Predictive Maintenance
Cen Chen
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Deep learning, Parallel Computing
Rick Goh
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, Blockchain, Federated Learning
Liyuan Li
Research Interests: Deep learning, computer vision, Hybrid AI, machine learning, Probabilistic reasoning, visual inspection, federated learning, incremental learning, human-robot-interaction

Neuromorphic Computation / Models

Tao Luo
Research Interests: Efficient AI / Edge AI area including high performance computing powered AI (HPC+AI), high energy-efficiency AI as well as low hardware-cost AI
Zhehui Wang
Research Interests: Edge AI, model compression, neuromorphic computing, spiking neuron network, hardware-software collaboration design, AI hardware acceleration, task mapping and scheduling, network-on-chip, and computer architecture

NLP (excluding speech recognition)

Nancy F. Chen
Research Interests: Conversational AI, Natural Language Generation, Deep Learning
Ming Yan
Research Interests: Low resource learning in natural language processing and its applications
Ai Ti Aw
Research Interests: Machine Translation, Question Answering, Natural Language Processing
Ridong Jiang
Research Interests: Natural language understanding, spoken dialogue and question answering
Jung-Jae Kim
Research Interests: Natural Language Processing
Jian Su
Research Interests: Information Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Discourse and dialogue processing, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining

Psychographic modelling & analysis

Boon Kiat Quek
Research Interests: Computational social cognition: computational social information processing models of socio-cognitive constructs (e.g., affect, personality, attitudes, behaviour); localist-connectionist networks; cognitive modelling and simulation; agent based simulations; psychological modelling and inference


Albertus Hendrawan Adiwahono
Research Interests: Robotics navigation, control, and intelligence, legged locomotion, humanoid robots, robotics system architecture and design.
Nikhil Somani
Research Interests: Robotics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence,
Kong Wah Wan
Research Interests: Autonomous Navigation, Interactive Perception, Mobile Manipulation, Robotics Navigation, Sensor Fusion, Interactive Perception
Yan Wu
Research Interests: service and assistive robotics, imitation learning, tactile sensory learning and human-robot interaction
Wei Yun Yau
Research Interests: Intelligent Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Neuromorphic

Speech processing

Minghui Dong
Research Interests: Speech processing (speech synthesis, speech recognition, etc) and language processing (language understanding, dialogue system, etc) for local languages such as English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and dialects.
Kong Aik Lee
Research Interests: Speech analytics and language intelligence, ranging from speaker recognition, language and accent recognition, speech recognition, diarization, sound classification, voice biometrics, and security, spoofing, and countermeasure
Huy Dat Tran
Research Interests: Audio Analytic & Speech Recognition