Interaction Relational Network for Mutual Action Recognition
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Device-free single-user activity recognition using diversified deep ensemble learning
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Multi-scale single image dehazing using Laplacian and Gaussian Pyramid
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DMRST: A Joint Framework for Document-Level Multilingual RST Discourse Segmentation and Parsing
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CAM-Guided Multi-Path Decoding U-Net with Triplet Feature Regularization for Defect Detection and Segmentation
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BS-McL: Bilevel Segmentation Framework With Metacognitive Learning for Detection of the Power Lines in UAV Imagery
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Knowledge-aware deep framework for collaborative skin lesion segmentation and melanoma recognition
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A3-FKG: Attentive Attribute-Aware Fashion Knowledge Graph for Outfit Preference Prediction
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Efficient Spiking Neural Networks with Radix Encoding

EDCompress: Energy-Aware Model Compression for Dataflows

Optimizing for In-memory Deep Learning with Emerging Memory Technology

Learning Clustering for Motion Segmentation

3D AffordanceNet: A Benchmark for Visual Object Affordance Understanding
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When Pigs Fly: Contextual Reasoning in Synthetic and Natural Scenes
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Optical Mode Solving using Scalable Deep Deconvolutional Neural Network
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Anticipating human actions by correlating past with the future with jaccard similarity measures
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Point Adversarial Self Mining: A Simple Method for Facial Expression Recognition
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Exploring the contextual factors affecting multimodal emotion recognition in videos
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Crowd Counting With Partial Annotations in an Image
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Parallel Attention Network with Sequence Matching for Video Grounding
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Skeleton-based Relational Reasoning for Group Activity Analysis

Mauricio Lisboa Perez (GIS) Pattern Recognition