Education & Human Potential

Using social and behavioural science and/or technological innovations to improve learning, motivation, cognitive flexibility, or social-emotional competencies, whether in the context of adult skill training or classroom-based teaching.

Internally funded projects

Project AI “爱”: Optimising the impact of novel personalised breast screening through the application of social research methods

The project aims to understand and improve the delivery and uptake of preventative screening practices for breast cancer, particularly for those at higher genetic risk for the disease. The potential impact of the project would be the successful implementation that bridges end-user needs and what the system can provide puts “the tiny red dot” on the world map as one of the pioneers in integrating state-of-the-art breast cancer risk prediction tools in breast cancer screening, with a real potential to transform breast cancer screening in Singapore.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Li Jingmei (Women's Health and Genetics Lab; GIS)

Impact of gestational diabetes on neurodevelopment in the offspring and potential mitigation factors in early childhood

This project aims to investigate the neurodevelopmental risks for human offspring exposed to gestational diabetes and explore the protective factors to help children exposed to hyperglycemia during pregnancy.  There is a translational potential with the identification of modifiable factors that could be targeted to minimize the offspring neurodevelopmental risks associated with gestational diabetes.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Zhang Han (Human Development; SICS)

Externally funded project

Unlocking Motivations, Confidence, and Positive Outcomes for Adult Learners: Empirical Characterization and Digital Interventions

[Awarded Science of Learning grant]
This project aims to produce novel, cross-disciplinary, and impactful scientific knowledge that advances the state of knowledge in the Science of Adult Learning. By uncovering and disseminating policy-relevant insights and interventions, this research can help to unlock the potential of adult learners, and improve productivity, learning culture, and quality of lives.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Charmaine Tan (SST HTCO/Social and Cognitive Computing; IHPC)