Partnerships and Collaborations

SST HTCO has synergistic capabilities in social sciences to deliver economic and social impact for Singapore. Our social sciences capabilities contribute to addressing Singapore‚Äôs national challenges across a wide range of domains, including Education and Human Potential, Health and Wellbeing, Socio-Urban Solutions, and Social Sensing and Trust, to develop novel solutions. 

We are building up A*STAR's social behavioural sciences capabilities through our strategic partnerships with SMU on the SMU-A*STAR Joint Lab in Social and Human-Centered Computing, as well as NIE on the NIE-NTU-A*STAR MOU to reshape the classroom of the future.

SMU-A*STAR Joint Lab in Social and Human-Centered Computing

The aim of the Joint Lab is to build world class research in Social and Human-Centered Computing. The expectation is for researchers in each research pillar to continue to build capabilities and collaborate to compete for external grants and engagements over time and scale up pillars into standalone research programs and centres to create impact.


NTU-A*STAR MOU - Reshaping the classroom of the future

The collaboration brings together researchers and academics from NTU and A*STAR to work on education research through projects focusing on the science of learning in education, AI, machine learning and human-artificial cognition, with the aim to help students learn and educators teach more effectively.