Social Sensing & Trust

Measuring psychological or behavioural variables e.g., attitudes, personality or identity, and/or examining their implications for socially-relevant outcomes such as trust, cohesion, and misinformation susceptibility. 

Internally funded project

Sensing social signals embedded in visual lifelogs to detect social interaction and identify memorable images

This project addresses some key issues that could enable visual lifelog based memory therapy, which could play a key role in addressing the needs of an increasingly elderly population in several nations including Singapore. The elderly population is vulnerable to memory deficits and social isolation. The outcome of this project could have profound implications in various fields by providing valuable knowledge/insights into developing socially intelligent agents or robots that are able to comprehend social signals exhibited during human interaction. The techniques developed here may also be transferred to several other contexts apart from memory therapy for elderly. For example, the social signal detection could be useful for a childcare teacher to monitor the quality of their daily interaction with students.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Vigneshwaran Subbaraju (Social and Cognitive Computing; IHPC)

Externally funded programme

Online Trust and Safety (OTS) Research Programme

The Online Trust and Safety (OTS) Research Programme is a funding initiative from the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). It is part of the Smart Nation and Digital Economy (SNDE) domain of the Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2025 programme (RIE2025) administered by the National Research Foundation (NRF). The overarching aim of the OTS programme is to develop technological capabilities to combat online falsehood and harms and align translation efforts with high-impact use cases.

With support from the MCI, NRF and partner organisations, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) established the Centre for Advanced Technologies in Online Safety (CATOS) in April 2023 to host the OTS Research Programme as its flagship programme.