Socio-Urban Solutions

Integrating cognitive and behavioural effects to better model urban decision making and dynamics and ultimately improve urban environments and enhance residents' quality of life (e.g. enable seniors to better age in place).

Internally funded projects

Investigate urban mobility theories and models at different stages of the pandemic in Singapore

To re-evaluate the established urban mobility theories during different stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of Singapore and refine/develop urban mobility theories and models. The models are to be further developed based on the land usage patterns, and a multidisciplinary approach using statistical modeling, complexity science and machine learning will be used to carry out model development. The developed models are useful for future urban planning after the pandemic has permanently reshaped urban mobility patterns. 

Principal Investigator: Dr. Feng Ling (Systems Science; IHPC)

Investigating the Relationship between the Built Environment and its Social Outcomes in the Singapore Context

The project aims to investigate the relationship between physical and social forms of the urban system in the Singapore context and understand how spatial arrangements of physical elements may promote or harm health outcomes and social capital. The outcomes of the study may serve as evidence for designing effective community-based interventions to promote physical activity, aiding in the assessment of community policies in developing neighbourhood social capital as well as making informed decisions for urban planning.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Neil Huynh Hoai Nguyen (Systems Science; IHPC)

Externally funded project / programme

Singapore Integrated Transport Energy Model (SITEM)

The project aims to study of the vehicle electrification journey of Singapore‚Äôs transport and energy system by to using advanced data-driven modelling & simulation to conduct impact analysis and policy recommendation. 


CAFFE: Consumer Acceptance of the Future Food Environment

[Awarded Singapore Food Story grant]
The project aims to understand perceptions of novel alternative proteins in families to develop an interactive educational platform to promote consumption.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Aimee Elizabeth Pink (SST HTCO/Social and Cognitive Computing; IHPC)