Artificial Intelligence, Analytics And Informatics (AI3)

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics and Informatics are recognised globally as highly disruptive technologies with potential to bring about unparalleled levels of transformation and benefits to human societies and national economies. In Singapore, these capabilities are viewed as enablers to support our ambition to become the world’s first smart nation.

A*STAR’s Artificial Intelligence, Analytics And Informatics Horizontal Technology Centre coordinates and catalyses the development and application of A*STAR’s broad range data science, AI capabilities and technologies for a wide range of industry sectors. These include Education, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Security, and Transportation.

The centre also taps on A*STAR’s sizeable talent pool in data science and AI, to deliver solutions for public sector agencies and industry.

Our R&D and Technologies

AI3 capabilities include machine learning, data analytics, computer vision, speech and natural language technologies, robotics, and bioinformatics. These technologies will be brought together in an integrative and coordinated manner to tackle public sector and industry needs in various domains.

Leveraging existing capabilities, A*STAR is developing new focal areas such as:

Human-Centric AI

Current day AI is primarily machine-centric and much development is required to advance AI capabilities to a level that can deeply understand humans, reason for humans, and learn like humans. By connecting AI with people at multiple levels, the objective is for AI to behave safely and support goal-oriented human-social behaviours and activities. Developments in this area can bring about more seamless, intuitive human-robot, human-machine interactions in homes and at workplaces. It will also be the enabler of many applications such as collaborative robots in manufacturing, assistive robots for rehabilitation, and personalised skills training for workers, which benefit individuals, as well as the economy and society.

Next-Generation Deep Learning

Deep learning has been a key contributor in the growth of AI and huge advances in deep learning will continue to be a force-multiplier in propelling AI capabilities forward. A*STAR’s focus on next-generation deep learning will include development of algorithms which will make technological leaps towards learning with fewer labelled samples, compression of neural networks, incorporating knowledge graphs, and white-box deep learning. Advances in next-generation deep learning will further expand the performance of AI in applications such as real-time video, audio and image processing for autonomous systems, heterogeneous analytics for predictive maintenance, machine learning on embedded and mobile devices, and security analytics for IoT.

Partnering Companies

State courts speech transcription system

State Courts
Speech transcription system powered by AI, to be implemented by 2020



Translation solution jointly developed by I2R and the Ministry of Communications and Information adapts translations using local datasets and learns new translation knowledge



Industry Taps AI for Smart Robotics Solutions


Our Talent

Dr Wu Yan

Dr Wu Yan

Bringing Machines Closer to Men. For Dr Wu, his calling is simple: "Whatever I am doing, I want to make a positive impact. I want to create something that changes people’s lives."
Learn more about his work on robotics

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Dr Pavitra Krishna Swamy

Dr Pavitra KrishnaSwamy

Women on a Mission."I envision a future where AI can seamlessly learn from clinical data and drive new solutions to transform healthcare."
Find out how Dr Krishnaswamy bridges the gap between technology and clinical applications.

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Ang Wee Tiong (A*STAR Spinf-off, Kooki)

Ang Wee Tiong

Advancing the AI Work."I am really inspired when people benefit from my research and when my research is later used to generate solutions to problems."
Explore the exciting journey of a researcher turned entrepreneur.

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