Our People at AI3

Albertus Hendrawan Adiwahono

Senior Scientist I, I2R

Alireza Alghassi

Technical Lead of Machine Learning, ARTC

Arul Murugan Ambikapathi

Scientist III, I2R

Kai Keng Ang

Senior Scientist II, I2R

Ai Ti Aw

Head, I2R

Research Interests: Machine Translation, Question Answering, Natural Language Processing

Nancy F. Chen

Group Leader, I2R

Research Interests: Conversational AI, Natural Language Generation, Deep Learning

Jinmiao Chen

Principal Investigator, SIgN

Dongkyu Choi

Senior Scientist, IHPC

Research Interests: Cognitive Systems, Computational Infrastructure, Knowledge Extraction, Explainable AI

Minghui Dong

Senior Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Speech processing (speech synthesis, speech recognition, etc) and language processing (language understanding, dialogue system, etc) for local languages such as English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and dialects.

Farzam Farbiz

Senior Scientist II, IHPC

Research Interests: AIoT and application of AI in manufacturing and IIoT by incorporating knowledge and physical models with data driven approaches

Basura Fernando

Scientist, IHPC

Research Interests: Action Recognition, Transfer Learning, Action Prediction, Weakly Supervised Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Wee Teck Fong

Deputy Department Head, I2R

Research Interests: My primary research focus has been on multi-view geometry computer vision based topics such as Structure from Motion (SfM) and Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM). Specifically, it has been on application of such research to areas such as indoor mapping for inspection, logistics, and Augmented Reality (AR). Other research topics include spatial understanding of the semantics of the structural elements captured during indoor mapping, as well as the acceleration of computational holograms for AR displays.

Chuan Sheng Foo

Assistant Head of Department (Research), I2R

Research Interests: I lead a research group focusing on data-efficient deep learning, inspired by applications in healthcare and manufacturing where collecting large, well-annotated datasets is often time and cost-prohibitive due to the need for careful expert labelling.

Feng Gao

Assistant Department Head, I2R

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision

Jonathan Goeke

Group Leader, GIS

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Computational Genomics

Rick Goh

Director of Computing & Intelligence, IHPC

Research Interests: Rick leads a team of about 70 scientists and engineers in performing world-leading scientific research, developing technology to commercialisation, and engaging and collaborating with industry. His department's core capability areas are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Computing. For AI, his team focuses on physics-based, efficient, multimodal, autonomous, and safe AI. And for Advanced Computing, the focus is in high performance computing using GPU and FPGA, and decentralised computing such as federated learning.

Raj Kumar Gupta

Scientist III, IHPC

Research Interests: Affective Computing, Natural Language Processing

Abhishek Gupta

Scientist III, SIMTECH

Seng Beng Ho

Deputy Department Director, IHPC

Research Interests: Next-Generation human-like Artificial Intelligence machine learning; applications to autonomous driving; explainable AI; visual behavior-intention prediction; causal learning & reasoning for adaptive AI autonomous systems & robotics; functionality and physics understanding; true natural language understanding; commonsense learning & reasoning; reinforcement learning & deep learning

Jihoon Hong

Deputy Group Manager, SIMTECH

Research Interests: Industrial AI, Predictive Maintenance

Weimin Huang

Senior Scientist III, I2R

Ashish James

Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Deep learning for design of experiments, Uncertainity estimates in deep learning, Advanced regression techniques, Defect detection/identification and Semi-supervised segmentation for AME domain, Learning with less samples through active learning and semi-supervised learning

Ridong Jiang

Senior Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Research and development on natural language understanding, spoken dialogue and question answering using the latest Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques

Wei Jing

Scientist I, I2R

Research Interests: Robotics, Reinforcement Learning

Jung-Jae Kim

Senior Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Natural Language Processing

Judice LY Koh

Head, Computational Phenomics, EDDC

Research Interests: Judice has 20 years experience in Bioinformatics research, with extensive experience in analyzing large-scale genome-wide/proteome-wide datasets in System Biology. She is interested in developing novel computational models that utilize AI/machine learning approaches to describe, analyse and predict the behaviour of -omics and disease systems. Her current focus is in modelling disease phenotypes using image-based machine learning for the purpose of predicting drug response in drug discovery.

Gangeshwar Krishnamurthy

Research Engineer, IHPC

Research Interests: Natural Language Processing, Sentiment and Emotion Analysis, Mental Health

Kenneth Kwok

Principal Research Scientist II, IHPC

Research Interests: Machine Learning; Cognitive Systems; Cognitive Psychology; Computational Modelling; Commonsense Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Hwee Kuan Lee

Senior Principal Investigator, BII

Research Interests: The laboratory uses advanced deep learning and mathematical models to build better machines; for the improvement of health care and discovery of biological knowledge. The group analyses images of tissue, histological slides and videos of 2D/3D live cells assays and organisms. These images were acquired using light microscopes, radiology devices as well as infra-red camera and other kinds of clinical image devices.

Karianto Leman

Division Head, I2R

Research Interests: Deep learning for Computer Vision with focus in recognition of human motion/action/behavior.

Shaohua Li

Scientist II, IHPC

Research Interests: Deep Learning, computer vision, natural language processing

Zhengguo Li

Senior Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Video coding, Computational photography Switched and impulsive systems, Sensor fusion

Yiqun Sarah Li

Senior Manager, I2R

Research Interests: computer vision, deep learning, meta learning

Xiaoli Li

Dept Head, Principal Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, Text Mining, Time series sensor analytics

Liyuan Li

Senior Scientist III, I2R

Kaicheng Liang

Team Leader and Research Scientist, IBN

Research Interests: My research goal is to explore the hypothesis that minimally invasive optical imaging, enhanced by deep learning, can enable microscopic analysis of living tissue at the level of histopathology, surpassing the coverage and sensitivity of biopsy. My vision is that optical engineering and artificial intelligence may disrupt traditional approaches to imaging in vivo, enhancing real-time feedback to clinicians and improving patient outcomes.

Joo Hwee Lim

Department Head, I2R

Research Interests: Visual Learning and Reasoning, Augmented Intelligence, Human-Machine Symbiosis

Jie Lin

Research Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Deep Learning, AI Hardware, Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

Guimei Liu

Senior Scientist II, I2R

Research Interests: Recommendation systems, user behavioral analytics with applications in online learning, customer analytics and HR analytics \

Yong Liu

Deputy Department Director/Senior Scientist II, IHPC

Lit Hsin Loo

Senior Principal Investigator, BII

Research Interests: Image-based Phenotypic Profiling and Predictive Cellular Response Models

Niranjan Nagarajan

Associate Director, GIS

Research Interests: Computational Genomics, Metagenomics

Wee Siong Ng


Ramanpreet Pahwa

Scientist II, I2R

Research Interests: Ramanpreet Singh Pahwa is a research staff in Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore, since 2017 and currently leading a team that develops Deep Learning solutions for Semiconductor industry. He completed his B.Sc. from Carnegie Mellon University (2004-2007), his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2009-2017). His research interests span deep learning algorithms, computer vision, 3D machine vision, autonomous vehicle object detection, 2D-3D fully supervised and semi-supervised segmentation. He has published multiple papers in a wide range of top-tier journals/conferences like IEEE ICCV, ICRA, IROS, ECTC, IWLPC, IJCV, TCSVT, ICASSP, ICIP, etc. He was awarded the A*STAR National Science Scholarship (NSS) in 2004. He is an IEEE Member.

Mahsa Paknezhad


Nam Trung Pham

Senior Scientist I, I2R

Research Interests: Deep learning, Object Detection and Tracking, Action Recognition

Shyam Prabhakar


Bhanu Prakash KN

Group Leader, SBIC

Research Interests: Multimodal Biomedical image & signal processing, Pattern recognition, Machine and Deep learning, Statistical analysis, Medical Instrumentation, Computer -Aided Diagnosis Systems, Atlas based analysis.

Boon Kiat Quek

Department Director, SCC, IHPC

Research Interests: Computational social cognition: computational social information processing models of socio-cognitive constructs (e.g., affect, personality, attitudes, behaviour); localist-connectionist networks; cognitive modelling and simulation; agent based simulations; psychological modelling and inference

Kanagasabai Rajaraman

Senior Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: I am a Senior Scientist at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR, Singapore. Primary aim of my R&D is to lead use-inspired research and innovate in AI and Data Science, and translate the research outcomes into niche commercializable technologies. Many of the R&D projects I have led or was involved in have resulted in technologies that have been commercialized and led to successful spinoffs. My current research interests include Advanced Machine Learning (Deep Learning, Interpretable ML,etc. ), Text Analytics, and Semantic Computing.

Savitha Ramasamy


Mile Sikic

Group leader, GIS

Research Interests: Members of AI in genomics laboratory work on the development of algorithms on strings and graphs and modern AI methods for genome sequence analysis. They have made significant contributions to the problems of genome assembly, read mapping, and metagenomics. Import aspects of their recent research are developing self-taught combinatorial algorithms and methods for analysis raw sequencing data (signal) using deep and reinforcement learning in combination with graph neural networks and deep learning methods from natural language processing, respectively.

Anders Skanderup


Nikhil Somani

Team Lead, Scientist, ARTC

Research Interests: Robotics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence,

Jian Su

Group Leader, I2R

Research Interests: Information Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Discourse and dialogue processing, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining

Ying Sun

Senior Scientist I, I2R

Research Interests: My research interests lie in computer vision and machine learning, especially image/video understanding, visual representation learning, and visual reasoning.

Yin Chet Cheston Tan

Deputy Executive Director, AI3

Erwin Tantoso

Research Manager, BII

Keng Peng Tee

Senior Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Robotics, mobile manipulation, human-robot collaboration, motion planning, motion control, robot learning.

Huy Dat Tran


Le Mau Tuan

Scientist, IHPC

Research Interests: Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences with special interest in emotion studies

Kong Wah Wan

Senior Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Autonomous Navigation, Interactive Perception, Mobile Manipulation, Robotics Navigation, Sensor Fusion, Interactive Perception

Qiushi Wang

Scientist, SIMTECH

Research Interests: Autonomous Navigation, Interactive Perception, Mobile Manipulation, Robotics Navigation, Sensor Fusion, Interactive Perception

Zhe Wang

Senior Research Engineer II, I2R

Research Interests: Wang Zhe's research interests include large-scale image and video search, neural network compression, deep learning hardware, and signal processing. He has published more than 20 research papers in high-quality computer vision and deep learning conferences and journals, including CVPR/ACM MM/AAAI/IJCAI/DCC/TIP/TMM/etc, and has filed 5 patents. His work on fast indexing and global descriptor aggregation has been adopted by the MPEG-CDVS (MPEG Compact Descriptors for Visual Search) standard.

Min Wu

Senior Scientist I, I2R

Research Interests: Sensory data analytics, graph data mining and bioinformatics.

Yan Wu

Assistant Department Head, I2R

Research Interests: Service and assistive robotics, imitation learning, tactile sensory learning and human-robot interaction

Wei Xiong

Senior Scientist, I2R

Research Interests: Computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, image/signal processing

Xinxing Xu

Scientist, IHPC

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Medical Image Analysis and Digital Healthcare

Yang Xue

Scientist II, I2R

Research Interests: Xue Yang's work focuses on developing AI solutions that transform the business processes of advanced manufacturing and engineering industry. His research interest include time-series analysis, predictive maintenance and federated learning.

Yinping Yang

Senior Scientist & Group Manager, IHPC

Research Interests: Sentiment analysis and emotion recognition; Intelligent agent; Research foresight

Feng Yang

Scientist III, IHPC

Research Interests: My research interests include machine learning (ML), knowledge discovery, pattern classification, prognostics, bioinformatics and biomedical signal processing. Special interest is on Physics-based AI/ML, Automated ML (AutoML), and Prognostics & Predictive modelling for condition monitoring and intelligent decision-making that can serve industry to improve reliability, safety, efficiency and productivity.

Wei Yun Yau

Department Head, Robotics & Autonomous Systems, I2R

Research Interests: Intelligent Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Neuromorphic

Miaolong Yuan

Team Lead of Machine Learning Team, ARTC

Research Interests: Deep learning/machine learning, robotics, AI-assisted solutions in digital manufacturing and supply chain management, time series processing and forecasting, mobile robot, data analytics and applications in supply chain system and manufacturing activities, computer vision, ML/DL, neuromorphic

Zeng Zeng

Jie Zhang

Deputy Group Manager, ARTC

Research Interests: Deep Learning, Defect/Anomaly Detection, Automation

Haihong Zhang


Heng Zhao

Senior Research Engineer

Research Interests: machine learning, computer vision, object detection, image segmentation, natural language processing, referring expression comprehension

Tian Yi, Joey Zhou

Scientist/Group Manager, IHPC

Research Interests: My main research interest is to develop a low resource Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework through reducing the requirement from data and computational resources, a future AI direction that boosts up a large-scale AI deployment.

Hong Yuan Zhu

Scientist II, I2R

Research Interests: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Machine Learning