A biologically inspired computational model that mimics the human visual search capability

New insight into Human Visual search mechanism's efficiency and effectiveness

Helping machines to read and comprehend like humans

An algorithm that improves machine’s understanding of text for accurate real world applications

Predicting Crowd Density using periodic patterns

A deep learning model that uses spatio-temporal periodic patterns to forecast crowd density ahead of time

Image Analysis tool helps pick out human actions

Using deep-learning techniques to locate potential human activities in videos

Statistical machine learning reveals deep brain activity

Scientists demonstrate the use of non-invasive brain recordings to 'see through' the cerebral cortex and characterize activity in deeper structures

A bird’s eye view for improved diagnosis

An algorithm paves the way for accurate, rapid diagnosis of closed-angle glaucoma

An Adaptive Approach to Stroke Recovery

A new method for reading brain waves improves the usefulness of motor imagery exercises

Deep-Learning for Semiconductor Process Development Optimization

Reducing time taken for Design-of-Experiments (DoEs) through Deep-Learning

Optimising Energy Scheduling and Pricing Control between energy providers and consumers

Distributed Discrete Level Energy Scheduling for Residential Load Control in Smart Grids

Retaining descriptive power of 3D feature descriptors with much less

On Creating Low Dimensional 3D Feature Descriptors with PCA

Cyber Defence: Seeing the big picture

A system that identifies malicious patterns in network traffic could help create a more secure internet

Cyber forensics: Fast flow to safety

A new data structure developed at A*STAR allows rapid tracking and policing of data flowing in and out of a network

Cyber security: Historical data helps Internet of Things resist hacks

Harnessing the potential of big data to improve the security of Internet of Things devices

Bridging the security divide for chat applications

Chat-App Decryption Key Extraction through Information Flow Analysis