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Empowering Healthcare With I²R Technologies - AWOMA, APOLLO, PENTHER & RadiLogic


On World Health Day 2024, let us look at how these 4 A*STAR I²R technologies are transforming healthcare delivery and enhancing Healthcare providers and patient’s decision-making process.
World Health Day serves as a reminder to focus on critical health issues, and this year's theme, "My Health, My Rights," highlights the importance of access to healthcare for all.

Enhancing Diagnostic Speed and Accuracy

Radilogic: Our AI Tool for Rapid Pneumonia Detection in Chest X-Rays analyses scans in just 3 seconds with an accuracy rate of 96.1%. Learn more about how Radilogic is revolutionising pneumonia detection here.

Ensuring Privacy and Confidentiality
APOLLO: Our AI-Driven national platform for CT coronary angiography not only enhances efficiency by reducing workflow time by over 20 times but also prioritises data security and efficiency. Discover how APOLLO brings a modern approach to CAD diagnosis here.

PENTHER: With our Privacy-Enhanced collaboration and Homomorphic Encryption solution (PENTHER) , comprehensive data analysis can be conducted while ensuring patient privacy. Explore how PENTHER tackles data challenges with its capabilities here.
Empowering Patient Decision-Making
AWOMA: This AI-enabled Wound Care Imaging, Assessment, Management, and Monitoring System provides an accurate assessment of wounds and personalised care plans.
Read more about AWOMA's transformative features here.

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