SAAVIS clinched IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2023!

Group photo of the SAAVIS team

The Smart Automated Aircraft Visual Inspection System (SAAVIS) team clinched the IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards 2023!
This IES Award recognises projects that enhance the engineering progress and life quality in Singapore. It is a testament to the positive impact that SAAVIS has on air travel safety and efficiency.
Here are the team members who have contributed to this inspiring project.
Team Leader:    Jamie Ng
Team Members:
From RAS department: Yau Wei Yun, Ng Kam Pheng, Saurab Verma, Syed Zeeshan Ahmed Mukhtar, Zhang Kun, Albertus Hendrawan Adiwahono, Zhang Kun, Tan Chong Boon (not in photo), Chen Yuda (not in photo)
From VI department:
Li Liyuan, Marcus Wan Teck Sun, Mark David Rice, Gu Ying, Ricson Tan, Lim Wei Kelvin, Lee Jue Ying, Ng Lai Xing, Keith Tang Tien Wei, Saurab Verma, Tan Hui Li, Leong Mei Chee, Hoo Qing Yu (not in photo), Lim Joo Hwee (not in photo)
From IHPC:
Lim Chi Wan, Calvin, Like Gobeawan, Liu Xuan

You can find out more about SAAVIS here.