Mike Wong - A*STAR T-UP Excellence Award 2019

TUp Mike Wong

Every year during the A*STAR SME Day, A*STAR secondees who have made significant contributions to their T-Up companies would be recognized under the T-Up Excellence Award.

In 2019, A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research’s Mr Mike Wong Kim Sing was awarded this A*STAR T-Up Excellence Award by Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing.

Seconded to Pestech Holding (S) Pte Ltd, Mike was pivotal in the translation of research done at A*STAR I2R into innovative solutions that build up innovation and technology adaptation as well capture recurring revenue stream for Pestech..

During his secondment, Mike successfully assisted in the digitalization of its operations and increase staff’s technical knowledge and capability with the training on the adoption of new technology..

He also successfully designed a cost-effective smart surveillance and platform system (i.e. RodentEye -Auto Rodent Surveillance System) that allows for better monitoring of the rodent activity in commercial premises. Through this system, Pestech achieved 1000+ sensor nodes deployment within the first two year of its roll-out and won many praises from customers and partners..

The 24/7 real-time rodent activity monitoring has helped Pest Management companies in the reduction of errors in placement of traps and timely schedule monitor on site. By adopting this solution, they have become more productive and efficient, thus increasing their competitive edge in controlling rodent infestation..

RodentEye System has also expanded into the region market (i.e. Malaysia, Thailand, India, Philippine, Hong Kong.) The company is liaising with overseas partners to bring this locally-developed solution to the regional market. .

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