Chiu Ying Lay - A*STAR T-UP Excellence Award 2020


I felt a sense of fulfilment because I see how the company grows, seeing that we have deployed multiple devices to different sites. It’s a nice experience that you actually can see how the industry works and see the real world application.

Chiu Ying Lay

Ms Chiu Ying Lay was seconded twice to assist in Whizpace Pte Ltd.

During her secondment, she worked on the implementation of Network Management Systems for TV White Space Devices, network planning for customer deployment and the development of geolocation database interface for both Singapore and US regulatory certification. She also guided and trained Whizpace’s staff and interns in all technical aspects.

For her contributions in Whizpace, Ms. Chiu Ying Lay is awarded the T-Up Excellence Award 2020 at the recent SWITCH 2020. The T-Up Excellence Awards is an annual award that acknowledges outstanding contributions that A*STAR researchers have made in their secondment to local enterprises.

To know more about this award, view her award video here