RadiLogic - IT Leaders Award 2021

The RadiLogic project team has won the IT Leader Awards 2021 for their AI-powered Covid-19 pneumonia detection solution. The team consists of Huang Weimin, Wang Xiaohong, Huang Su and Lu Zhongkang (Visual Intelligence department) and Zhou Nina (Aural & Language Intelligence Department).

Developed in a collaboration with IHPC and TTSH, RadiLogic rapidly flags chest X-rays showing pneumonia to allow for early intervention by doctors. The flagged chest X-rays may indicate an urgent need for segregation, hospitalisation, and in the severe cases, supplemental oxygen or ventilation therapy with close monitoring. Previously, X-ray images were reviewed by a radiologist in sequence, which may delay the urgent care needed for some patients, especially in a surge of infectious diseases such as Covid-19.

The IT Leader Awards 2021 recognises the outstanding achievements teams and their significant impact on the community through technology or use of technology during the COVID-19 crisis.

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