XAVIER on trial

Here comes XAVIER!

After our collaboration on M.A.T.A.R, Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)'s Robotics & Autonomous Systems team is proud to be partnering Home Team Science & Technology Agency (HTXSG) on the delivery of XAVIER.

It debutted on 5th September 2021 at Toa Payoh Central, where it will be trialled for the three weeks as part of a joint project between HTX, National Environment Agency (NEA), Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore Food Agency (SFA), and Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Using a myriad of cameras and sensors, as well as video analytics software, Xavier will be able to detect undesirable social behaviours, such as smoking in prohibited areas or illegal hawking. Once Xavier detects a scenario, it will trigger a real-time alert to the command-and-control centre, display the appropriate message (depending on the scenario) to educate the public, and deter such behaviours.

Unlike its cousin M.A.T.A.R, Xavier will be assisting beyond the Home Team officers. Instead, it will be customised to the needs of HDB, LTA, NEA and SFA officers in frontline patrols. You can read more on Xavier in HTX’s Press Release.


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