M.A.T.A.R. 3.0

MATAR3.0M.A.T.A.R 2.0

Jointly developed between Ministry of Home Affairs Science & Technology Group and A*STAR I2R ,our Multi-purpose All Terrain Autonomous Robot (M.A.T.A.R. 2.0) was first showcased in 2018 during Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) annual workplan seminar to Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugan.

Equipped with sound and visual sensors with 360 video capabilities, this allows the autonomous patrol bot to detect suspicious activity on the ground. It was first deployed for in-house trial late November 2017.

Improved version – M.A.T.A.R 3.0

This year, Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugan once again experienced the enhanced version - M.A.T.A.R 3.0 during the SPF Workplan 2019.

Apart from the usual video capabilities, it is further enhanced to capture a wider field of views with better reception and accuracy. It is additionally equipped with a tethered UAV for aerial surveillance in crowded situations. It will soon be trialed to assess its effectiveness in enhancing the Police’s ability to monitor crowds.

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