Advancing the field of Cybersecurity through a range of impactful topics such as Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Mobile Network Security, Multimedia Forensics, IoT & Cloud Security, AI for Cybersec & Cybersec for AI, Formal Verification for Cryptography & AI.

Recognising the rapid evolution of the Cybersecurity landscape, A*STAR I²R explores the emerging areas such as Large Language Model (LLM) security and quantum error correction for post-quantum cryptography. 

Data Security

  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies such as Homomorphic Encryption (HE), Differential Privacy, Secure Multiparty Computing, Federated Learning, Trusted Execution Environment
  • Formal Verification for Cryptography & AI
  • Post-quantum Cryptography

Network Security

  • Cybersecurity for 5G mobile networks
  • Cybersecurity for 6G / xG networks – Trust through Security, Privacy & Resilience

Multimedia Forensics

  • Multi-modal Deepfake Detector, including image / video / audio / lip-sync
  • Automatic Fact Checker, including claims extraction & verification, verdict with supporting evidence

IoT & Cloud Security

  • Secure coding
  • Cloud Infra Audit Tool
  • Cybersec for IoT & Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

AI for Cybersecurity

  • AI-enhanced anomaly detection & attribution
  • Learning with less data
  • Explainable AI for Cybersec
  • Early Waring for Cyber Threat
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