Prof Hanry Yu and Team Receive Grant from GFI to 3D-Print Alternative Meat

Photo of alternative meat

Recently, our Senior Principal Investigator, Prof Hanry Yu, and his team received a grant from the Good Food Institute (GFI) to 3D-print whole meat substitutes using layers of scalable 2D-micro-imprinted plant protein sheets.

Prof Yu’s team was awarded the prestigious international grant under GFI’s Competitive Research Grant program – which provides funding to accelerate alternative protein R&D.

As global meat consumption continues to rise, the environmental impact of our food systems cannot be ignored. At the same time, raising livestock for animal agriculture contributes to the spread of zoonotic diseases, such as the H1N1 flu virus. For these reasons, many are looking to alternative proteins and cultured meat to solve these problems.

Through the funding received from GFI, the team at IBB will set out to develop plant-based 3D-printed whole-cut meat substitutes.

The two-year project has the following objectives:
1) Systematic design of micro-imprinting patterns and processes to precisely control the appearance, texture, and mouthfeel (ATM) of the alternative meats in a scalable manner
2) Precision engineering of 3D meat cut-like alternative protein foods from 2D imprinted sheets
3) Sensory evaluation to test the ATM of the constructed 3D meat cut-like alternative proteins

Compared to existing meat substitutes, the resulting whole-cut meat substitutes could recreate the ATM of meats, including the separation of muscle fiber-like structures upon chewing and cooking.

If you are keen on working with Prof Hanry Yu’s team on in vitro cell-based technologies, you can contact him here.