Signal and Image Processing Group

The Signal and Image Processing Group (SIP) was formed in 2016 to focus on the development of signal and image processing algorithms and systems. Combining machine learning techniques, biological vision models and signal statistics, the group develops advanced image analysis tools for IBB. SIP actively participates in ongoing and future projects of IBB with all groups. SIP also focuses on development of novel algorithms for post-processing to extract meaningful information which enables detection, characterization and quantification of clinically significant information. SIP aims to develop new skills and knowledge in advanced multi-modal image acquisition (MR, CT, PET, Optical, Photoacoustic) signal and image processing, contribute to IP and publish in prestigious journals.

SIP is currently focused on using machine learning, deep learning, registration and atlas generation to develop solutions falling into two main categories: Quantitative Biology, where data analysis is developed for biological images for research purposes, and Radiomics, where information is extracted and presented to support clinical decisions.

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Dr Bhanu Prakash KN
Principal Investigator
Call: 6824 7022

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Dr Isaac HUEN
Senior Research Fellow
Call: 6824 7028

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Ms Ling Yun YEOW
Senior Research Officer
Call: 6824 7071