Dr Yugen Zhang's Laboratory

Research Projects under Yugen Zhang's Lab

Our main research goal is to create new knowledge and translate laboratory technologies into products to improve human health and benefit our society. We have:

  • Filed more than 50 patents for technologies in green catalysis, carbon dioxide capture and utilization, biomass conversion to chemicals and antimicrobial materials.
  • Worked with more than 25 companies on technology evaluation and prototype development.
  • Signed six license deals and eight research collaboration projects with industry.
  • Contributed to the development of two spin-off companies: Nanotec and Polymore Greentech. The companies are working on antimicrobial related products  – including antimicrobial coatings, paints, plastics and consumer healthcare products.

Dr Yugen ZHANG
Senior Principal Investigator
Call: 6824 7162
Email: ygzhang@ibb.a-star.edu.sg


Dr Xiukai LI
Senior Research Scientist
Call: 6824 7150
Email:  xkli@ibb.a-star.edu.sg



Dr Guangshun YI
Senior Research Scientist
Call: 6824 7149
Email: gsyi@ibb.a-star.edu.sg


Dr Siti Nurhanna RIDUAN
Senior Research Scientist
Call: 6824 7131
Email: siti@ibb.a-star.edu.sg


Dr Jinquan WANG
Senior Research Scientist
Call: 6824 7157
Email: jqwang@ibb.a-star.edu.sg


Dr Diane, Shu Wen LIM
Senior Research Fellow
Call: 6824 7121
Email: dlim@ibb.a-star.edu.sg


Dr Arunmozhiarasi ARMUGAM
Senior Research Fellow
Call: 6824 7152
Email: armugama@ibb.a-star.edu.sg

Gan Lu (Senior Research Fellow)

Dr Gan LU
Senior Research Fellow
Call: 6824 7127
Email: lu_gan@ibb.a-star.edu.sg


Ms Siew Ping TEONG
Senior Research Officer
Call: 6824 7132
Email: spteong@ibb.a-star.edu.sg


Ms Shook Pui CHAN
Research Officer
Call: 6824 7133
Email: chansp@ibb.a-star.edu.sg