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Opening of IHI-ICES Methanation Demonstration Site

May 10 2019

On 10 May 2019, ICES and Japanese heavy-industry manufacturer IHI Corporation jointly launched a reactor unit which converts carbon dioxide to methane which can be used to fuel our household stoves and gas-powered water heaters. 

Known as the IHI-ICES Methanation Demonstration Unit, Dr Chen Luwei, the Principal Investigator from ICES’ Process & Catalysis Research division, and her team successfully developed a nickel-based catalyst which was more robust than the commercial benchmark used in the study on all counts of sintering, coking, and sulfur resistance. These improvements contributed to the significantly longer lifespan of the ICES-developed catalyst, translating to less frequent shutdowns – which often stretch across months –and cost-savings for plants using the IHI-ICES methanation technology in future. 

IHI Corporation has been an industry partner of ICES since 2011, and the 10 May 2019 opening event marks a major milestone in the collaboration. Years of active joint research has brought the technology from the lab bench to the present methanation demonstration site located at ICES, and the scaled-up versions in Japan. IHI Corporation has started sharing the exciting details on the technology with potential clients in line with the global shift towards the circular economy. 

The event has been reported in The Straits Times, The Business Times, and Lianhe Zaobao.

Representatives from IHI Corporation and ICES at the 10 May 2019 launch of the IHI-ICES Methanation Demonstration Site (from left to right): Mr Hirotsugu Chishina, General Manager, Cocreation Project Center, Corporate R&D, IHI Corporation; Dr Hiroto Yamaoka, General Manager, Technology Platform Center, Technology & Intelligence Integration, IHI Corporation; Mr Tomoyuki Kuwata, CEO, IHI Asia Pacific; Dr Nobuhiko Kubota, Associate Director, Manager, Business Development Department, Resources, Energy & Environment Business Area, IHI Corporation; Dr Peter Nagler, Executive Director, ICES; Dr Armando Borgna, Head, Process & Catalysis Research, ICES; Mr V Ravi, Director, Industry Development, BTI; Dr Keith Carpenter, Senior Fellow, A*STAR.