Functional Molecules & Polymers

ICES possesses expertise on synthetic methods for small molecules, polymers and polymer particles utilising organic chemistry, biochemistry, metabolic engineering and heterogeneous polymerisation techniques. Sustainability, cost effectiveness and scalability are drivers towards applications in specialty chemicals, nutrition, coatings and oil field chemicals. The Functional Molecules & Polymers division is structured into six teams across the areas of molecules, polymers, and polymer particles:

The emphasis of the Sustainable Chemistry team is on sustainability, waste reduction and atom-efficient chemistry through the synthesis of functional molecules and new chemical method development. 

The Metabolic Engineering team is developing and applying synthetic biology and metabolic engineering to address challenges in advanced biomanufacturing, with a focus on sustainable manufacturing, nutrition and healthcare. 

The Integrated Bio & Organic Chemistry team draws from organic chemistry and biochemistry to efficiently access functional molecules for pharmaceutical or specialty chemicals applications. 

The Applied Synthesis of Molecules & Polymers team focuses on sustainable and cost-effective methods of synthesis of small molecules and polymers with emphasis on the molecular synthetic aspects. 

The Oil Field Chemistry team focuses on enhanced oil recovery and flow assurance, developing small molecule, polymer and particle solutions. 

The Polymer Technology & Reaction Engineering team focuses on polymer particle synthesis, polymers in complex fluids and polymer reaction engineering. The applications are in coatings and adhesives, personal care and consumer care products.