Scientific Infrastructure & Analytics

Building on ICES’ talented pool of support staff, the Scientific Infrastructure & Analytics division combines the expertise of the central lab and characterisation facilities with our scientific leadership in the area of chemometrics, modelling and simulation, and physical chemistry to provide a data-rich environment that will drive new understanding and insight into our research activities. The Scientific Infrastructure & Analytics division comprises five teams:

The Research & Technical Support team focuses on providing a high standard of technical and laboratory support to researchers within the divisions and laboratories throughout ICES. 

The Analytics & Characterisation team provides analytical support and characterisation services to all research projects. Through increased scientific leadership, new standards of excellence will be established in support of ICES’ core competences. 

The Chemometrics & Physical Chemistry team brings together and builds on ICES’ growing capabilities in the physical chemistry of complex fluids, chemometrics, and modelling and simulation to provide unparalleled fundamental scientific insights into ICES and Singapore’s R&D landscape.

The Safety & Sustainability team will provide specialist expertise in safety and sustainability for a range of activities in the institute, as well as continued research into new standards and metrics. 

The Digital Strategy & Automation team will drive the digitalisation of ICES’ research activities and future laboratory initiatives.