Research Attachment Programme

Research Attachment @ ICES

Student training forms an important part of ICES' activities.

Working closely with the A*STAR Graduate Academy, the Institutes of Higher Learning and the Junior Colleges, the ICES participates actively in the training of students in support of A*STAR's mission in manpower development for Singapore. To develop a meaningful experience for the students, suitable staff are actively selected not only as supervisors but also to serve as mentors for them. Students at different academic levels spend varying periods of time with our researchers on projects that appeal to their interests.

ICES support various types of student attachment programmes such as

  1. Industrial Attachment
  2. Vacation Internship Programmes
  3. Postgraduate Student Attachment
  4. Youth Science Programme for Secondary Schools or Junior Colleges

If you are interested to participate in our student attachments, please write to Kenneth Kuan at with your resume and supporting documents (e.g. educational certificates and transcripts).

You can also contact us at if you are interested to find out more about these programmes.