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Dr Peter Nagler
Chief Innovation Officer, A*STAR and Advisor, ICES

The Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences is a unique place for research and development focused on chemistry and chemical engineering. We believe that the future of chemical sciences lies in scientific excellence which makes a real difference in the world.

Our approach is strategic and long-term to further economic growth and improve lives. I am pleased to be working alongside talented people with abundant capabilities and the passion for driving scientific progress, delivering solutions that address key issues in society today. Within ICES, we work focusing on tangible results, with the courage to innovate and fostering an open culture, engaging partners to complement our competences and to make utmost use of A*STAR's potential.

ICES will pursue collaborations with industry leaders that provide a platform to combine current industry trends with cutting edge scientific research. With a wealth of academic and industrial experience, our people are poised to take on challenges posed in the arena of scientific research while remaining commercially relevant. Through these partnerships, we aim to create significant outcomes to enhance the competitiveness of our partners and make Singapore the place to go.