Formulated Products

Formulated Products

ICES possess expertise across the formulated product value chain, from ingredients to final product formulation. This technical knowledge is complemented with market knowledge that incorporates the translation of consumer needs to technology solutions. The Formulated Products research division is made up of four teams:

The Specialty Ingredients team focuses on developing next generation additives that can be targeted, on demand, personalised and/or multifunctional.
The Encapsulation team focuses on developing sustainable particle and encapsulation technologies.
The Solid Formulations team focuses on solid formulation development and formulations for pharmaceuticals and agrifood.
The Liquid Formulations team looks at the development of liquid formulations and formulations for consumer care and topical pharma.
The Formulation Science team has experience in developing solid and liquid formulations for different end applications. This is complemented by knowledge of technical and sensorial performance analysis.

Functional Molecules & Polymers

Functional Molecules & Polymers

ICES possesses expertise on synthetic methods for small molecules, polymers and polymer particles utilising organic chemistry, biochemistry, metabolic engineering and heterogeneous polymerisation techniques. Sustainability, cost effectiveness and scalability are drivers towards applications in specialty chemicals, nutrition, coatings and oil field chemicals. The Functional Molecules & Polymers division is structured into four teams across the areas of molecules, polymers, and polymer particles:

The emphasis of the Sustainable Chemistry & Circular Polymers team is on developing sustainable technologies for the synthesis of small molecules and polymers, and strategies for degradable/circular polymers.
The Integrated Bio & Organic Chemistry team draws from organic chemistry and biochemistry to efficiently access functional molecules for pharmaceutical or specialty chemicals applications.
The Oil Field Chemistry team focuses on enhanced oil recovery and flow assurance, developing small molecule, polymer and particle solutions.
The Polymer Technology & Reaction Engineering team focuses on polymer particle synthesis, polymers in complex fluids and polymer reaction engineering. The applications are in coatings and adhesives, personal care and consumer care products.

Process & Catalysis Research


ICES possesses expertise on chemical transformations with emphasis on three main pillars: process innovation, the discovery and development of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, and sustainability. The Process & Catalysis Research division is made up of four teams which cover the spectrum of design and synthesis, development and scale-up, and process:

The Process R&D team focuses on sustainable and cost-effective process design, innovation and scale-up for specialty chemicals and pharma.
Our Decarbonising Strategy team designs catalysts and processes to support carbon capture, utilisation and storage activities and sustainability.
The Heterogeneous Catalysis team looks at the design and synthesis of next-generation heterogeneous catalysts, as well as designing improved and novel catalysts via a molecular-level understanding of heterogeneous catalysts.
The Homogeneous Catalysis team focuses on designing and developing ligands and homogeneous catalysts for specialty chemicals and pharma.

Scientific Infrastructure & Analytics


Building on ICES’ talented pool of support staff, the Scientific Infrastructure & Analytics division combines the expertise of the central lab and characterisation facilities with our scientific leadership in the area of chemometrics, modelling and simulation, and physical chemistry to provide a data-rich environment that will drive new understanding and insight into our research activities. This division comprises:

The Analytics & Characterisation team provides analytical support and characterisation services to all research projects. Through increased scientific leadership, new standards of excellence will be established in support of ICES’ core competences.
The Chemometrics & Physical Chemistry team brings together and builds on ICES’ growing capabilities in the physical chemistry of complex fluids, chemometrics, and modelling and simulation to provide unparalleled fundamental scientific insights into ICES and Singapore’s R&D landscape.
The Safety & Sustainability team will provide specialist expertise in safety and sustainability for a range of activities in the institute, as well as continued research into new standards and metrics.
The Digital Strategy & Automation team will drive the digitalisation of ICES’ research activities and future laboratory initiatives.