Concept of the Accelerated Catalyst Development Platform (ACDP)
Zinsser high-throughput catalyst synthesis
Automated high-throughput catalyst synthesis. (Image courtesy of Zinsser Analytic GmbH)
hte modular high-throughput catalyst screening
Highly modular high-throughput catalyst screening. (Image courtesy of hte GmbH)

Our key capabilities include:

  • Automated high-throughput catalyst synthesis (16 parallel syntheses via methods such as impregnation, co-precipitation, and sol-gel)
  • High-throughput catalyst screening (16-parallel high-throughput reactor system, designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, pressures, with gas and liquid feedstocks, and for plug-flow and trickle-bed operations coupled with online GC or offline analysis)
  • Various characterisation methods
  • Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms (which guide the experiments and make predictions for optimal compositions and/or reaction conditions)
  • High-performance computations (which provides basic insights into reaction mechanism and electronic structures of solid catalysts via high-throughput catalysis simulation workflows)



ACDP has already attracted attentions of prominent companies and we are working with some of them on interesting projects. Our broader application portfolio is shown in the image above and includes the following reactions:

  • CO2 hydrogenation
  • CO2 to fuels & chemicals
  • Fischer-Tropsch Reactions
  • Selective hydrogenations
  • Selective oxidation reactions
  • Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking
  • Alkylation reactions
  • Light alkane activation
  • Gas/Liquid reactions in trickle-bed