Executive Director's Message

Lisa Ng (5)
The ongoing COVID-19 epidemics is a reminder that Infectious Diseases will never disappear is despite the constant development of vaccines and new drugs.  A*STAR response has been swift and efficient with the development of much needed diagnostics and preventive tools. This crisis also taught us that we can better and as such we embarked on the creation of the A*STAR Infectious Diseases Laboratories (A* ID Labs) and the Infectious Diseases Horizontal Technology Programme Office (ID HTPO) which help reaching to A*STAR expertise on Biomedical and Engineering research fields.

 Our goal is that the A* ID Labs and HTPO will position A*STAR as one of the leading International Centre for Infectious Diseases research. 

A* STAR ID labs and HTPO are well placed to fulfil their primary missions of research, public health, education, and economic development for Singapore. We are building on the high quality of their staff, the excellence of its research and various infrastructures, that is complemented by its International Network.

Our mission is to be prepared for the uncertain future. This means for a future to detect control and eradicate deadly pathogens. We are working together to achieve this dream. 

Lisa Ng 
Executive Director, A*ID Labs