Marco Vignuzzi obtained his B.Sc from McGill University in Canada, and MSc and PhD from University of Paris. Following 7 years of postdoctoral studies in Raul Andino’s lab at UCSF, he founded his own laboratory at Institute Pasteur in 2008. From 2008-2022, his work focused on emerging viral diseases and antiviral therapies based on approaches that target evolutionary mechanisms. Marco is on the editorial board of J Virology, Virus Research, Virus Evolution and PLOS Pathogens. He ran two DARPA research programs under the US Department of Defense and a French National program on Emerging Infectious Diseases coordinating 65 research laboratories. As a committed globalist promoting international cooperation, his lab has directly collaborated with teams in 66 countries and on every continent. In 2015 his work in emerging diseases was awarded the Sanofi National Award in Biomedical Research; in 2019 he received the international Richard Elliott Memorial Award for his work on zoonotic viral diseases. Since September 2022, he is a Senior Principal Investigator and a Strategic Hire at A*STAR ID Labs, and an adjunct Associate Professor at NUS and NTU. In 2023, he received a NRF Investigator ship. As of 2023, Marco has coordinated A*STAR ID Labs entry into the International Pasteur Network, grouping 33 research institutes focused on infectious diseases belonging to 29 countries across the globe. In Singapore, Marco will build a research community around his expertise on predictive computational biology and experimental evolution to prepare for future outbreaks and will develop a novel agnostic RNA therapeutics platform that can respond to new viral threats.

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