Our Scientists

Adeline CHUA
Adeline CHUA 

Education: University of Otago, New Zealand
Contact: Adeline_Chua@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Infectious Diseases; Drug Discovery
Research Interest: My keen interest in “bench to bedside” research stems from my drug discovery experience in diverse diseases like cancer (e.g. NSCLC, pancreatic) and infectious diseases (e.g. tuberculosis, dengue, malaria). Currently, I am exploring physiologically relevant in vitro platforms to better understand the biology of diseases to facilitate the design of better diagnostics and therapeutics.

Angeline ROUERS
Angeline ROUERS

Education: Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Sorbonne; Université, Paris, France 
Contact: Angeline_Rouers@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Immunology; Virology; Cell Biology
Research Interest: During my PhD, I studied the impact of HIV infection on follicular helper T cells and memory B cell responses. I joined A*STAR in 2017 to pursue my research about B cells and antibody responses in dengue-infected patients. My current focus is on COVID-19 and mosquito-borne diseases as dengue and malaria.

Jerry TOH1
Jerry TOH 

Education: National University of Singapore, Singapore
Contact: Jerry_Toh@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Biomedical Engineering; Biotechnology
Research Interest: Development of microplate and lateral flow-based immunoassay technologies for healthcare, biomonitoring, and research applications.

Juergen PIPPER1
Juergen PIPPER 

Education:Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany
Contact: JJuergen_Pipper@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Diagnostic: Analytical instrumentation
Research Interest: Utilizing components produced for various mass markets we try to strike a balance between performance and cost in conceptualizing devices for MDx applications. Our focus is on testing highly diverse sample sets simultaneously on one platform. This is unlike current concepts, which only permit discontinuous batch processing of single assays.

CHAN Kian Ping
Kian Ping CHAN 

Education:National University of Singapore, Singapore
Contact: Chan_Kian_Ping@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Biomedical Engineering: Biotechnology
Research Interest: Infectious diseases remain a major concern in today’s interconnected world, contributing to high morbidity and mortality globally. Our goal is to design highly sensitive and specific lateral flow assays for mass screening as they are cost-effective and have short result turnaround times. Thus, they will be useful to prevent pandemics. 

LUM Fok Moon
Fok Moon LUM 

Education:National University of Singapore, Singapore
Contact: Lum_Fok_Moon@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Immunology, Infectious Diseases, General Neuroscience
Research Interest: I am interested in studying the cross-talk between the host immune and nervous systems in driving the pathogenesis of infectious diseases. Understanding this intriguing relationship will provide critical insights into novel neuro-immune pathways that will aid in the future development of more efficient therapeutic strategies. 

Smanatha Nguee
Samantha NGUEE

Education:National University of Singapore, Singapore
Contact: Samantha_Nguee@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Infectious diseases; Immunology and Microbiology; Parasitology
Research Interest: My research interest has been centered on understanding the mechanisms of pathogenesis and host immune responses to infectious pathogens. This remains a strong interest from my undergraduate and doctorate research on infection by malaria parasite on T cells responses. My current focus is to dissect key mechanisms and host immune responses, in order to develop potential interventions and therapeutics.

FONG SIew Wai1
Siew Wai FONG

Education:Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia 
Contact: Fong_Siew_Wai@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Immunology; Microbiology; Clinical biochemistry 
Research Interest: My research interests focus on characterizing human immune responses to virus infections. In particular, I am interested in bridging the knowledge gap of vector–pathogen−host interactions in arbovirus transmission, which focuses on a new approach to target mosquito saliva. I believe with substantial understanding on the immunopathogenesis, it will permit development of intervention and therapeutics to tackle viral infections.  

Thomas LOY.
Thomas LOY

Education: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Research Field: Immunology; Virology; Infectious disease
Research Interest: Studying Dengue virus infection is a strong interest of mine and has been my focus at both the undergraduate and doctoral level. Development of vaccines and drugs require a thorough understanding of the host immune response to dengue infection. Currently, my projects are centered on the development of diagnostics, prognostics and repurposing small molecule drugs as a host-directed anti-viral therapy for dengue infection.

FANG Wenning
Wenning FANG 

Education: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Contact: Fang_Wenning@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Molecular Biology; immunology; infectious diseases
Research Interest: Study the role of long non-coding RNA in Mtb infection and nucleic acid therapies.
Metabolic reprograming and epigenetic modification in Tuberculosis pathogenesis; Develop Host-targeted Therapeutic strategies for TB.



Education: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Research Field: Genetics; Immunology; Infectious Diseases
Research Interest: My research interests focus on the effect of Covid infection on the epigenetic profiles of the offspring as well as the epigenetic changes followed by BCG vaccination in newborns.

Yi Hao CHAN 

Education: National University of Singapore, Singapore
Contact: Chan_Yi_Hao@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Immunology and Microbiology; Infectious Diseases: Genetics (clinical)
Research Interest: My research interest focuses on identifying and understanding key immune pathways involved in the protection and pathogenesis of infectious diseases through genetics. Identification of human genetic predispositions to severe illness can accelerate the development of mechanism-based therapeutic interventions against infectious diseases.

GOH Yun Shan
Yun Shan GOH 

Education: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Contact: Goh_Yun_Shan@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Immunology; Parasitology; Virology
Research Interest: The humoral immunity has a crucial role in the containment and the eventual clearance of an infection. By studying the immune responses following either natural infection or vaccination, we identify targets and potential correlates of protection. We also develop assays based on the targets for diagnostics or clinical investigation.


Education: National University of Singapore, Singapore
Contact: Chang_Zi_Wei@idlabs.a-star.edu.sg
Research Field: Immunology; Infectious disease; Drug discovery 
Research Interest: The complex relationship between therapeutics, host immune system and infectious agent can hinder the success in combating infectious disease. My research interest includes the investigation on how the host immune system coordinate with therapeutics in infectious disease elimination and prevention.